Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Romantic and Feminine Muse

A short and sweet post
to share the romantic
to share the feminine
side of me
A little pretty
never hurt anyone
A few new jewelry pieces 
I created while in this feminine and romantic mood


  1. Just lovely! Di@ cottage-wishes

  2. See Rhonda,
    This romantic mood is rubbing off on so many. I too am feeling this romance so much so I am wanting to add a bit of it in some form of muted color, almost prairie in style yet in keeping of a French farmhouse. Like the romance of an old flower sack :)
    I could so see you doing something with this romantice medium. I am finishing up a couple of projects and working on some pottery. I have joined a fabulous pottery class, I needed to keep shaping things like my paper mâché work with altars and shrines yet something different to inspire me with, it's such a peaceful art, you really clear your head creatively.

    I love seeing new pieces from you, it's a beautiful side of your the bling.


  3. The framed romantic picture is perfect. Lovely florentine tray too. Beautiful March to you. xo

  4. Oh Rhonda, your work is truly exquisite, and wouldn't you say that this MUSE is such a generous spirit? I am creating poetry that comes from these "moods" of inspiration. This is another gorgeous collection that thrills my senses.....LOVELY! Anita

  5. Beautiful! Love everything. So feminine and sparkly, too. Blessings

  6. Your jewelry pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I have always pictured you as a very feminine person so your muse must visit often.

  7. Dear Rhonda ,this piece of amazing jewelery is BEAUTIFUL !!! So very adorable. And beautiful is also the gift pack which arrived to me, all the way from you. THANK YOU my dear. I so love it all, the ols laces, with their beautiful patina, the sweet faux photo and the other one on fabric, too. The heart is wonderful, OHHH thank`s again, I so love my lucky winning gifts .
    Hugs and love,

  8. Your jewelry is beautiful Rhonda!

  9. I love all of your pretties!! There's something about the feminine and romantic that draws me in every time.
    Mary Alice

  10. Romantic and feminine indeed! These exude both of those feelings to perfection. Adore your work mon amie! Simply lovely! ;)

  11. Gorgeous new creations, Rhonda, feminine, romantic, all of that and more. And as always, your photographs are absolutely gorgeous.

  12. Oh yes we could all do with more of this beauty and feminine romance in our lives and these are stunning.
    Beautiful photography too!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French