Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Simple Happy Day

 Finding happiness in our lives
can be as simple as a quiet moment
Have you ever had one of those moments where you say it out loud?
I'm happy!!
Does my life have to be picture perfect to be happy?
No it does not.
Happy moments happen.
It doesn't mean you aren't content at other times.
A surge of happiness, for whatever reason,
is to be celebrated!
Simply because our lives have crossed
makes me so very happy
I hope you have a simple happy day!


  1. Oh Rhonda, be it out loud or quietly within finding that simple happy place that one can soulfully be intouch with oneself and the space in which they create is a soft place to land.

    This post spoke to me today, making it simple, happy, and inspiring.

    Beautiful art you are creating here....the simplist of pieces that speak to us can create "Happy" in our hearts and homes.


  2. Dear Rhonda,
    each piece is so beautiful!

    Karen B. ~ Todolwen


  3. It makes me happy to see your beautiful items and vignettes

  4. I have those moments...when all of a sudden, I feel "happy"...content. It's always such a nice feeling to stop and recognize that....revel in it. Your happy moments are my happy moments mon amie! ;)

    1. Same here mon amie, same here

    2. Same here mon amie, same here

  5. Lovely post, Rhonda! I believe it is the small seemingly insignificant moments that often bring us the most happiness. I think when we look for those small things each day, our life becomes fulfilled and content.
    Mary Alice

  6. I do. Thank you for reminding us. Simple living is the heart of happiness. Your sacred piece in the second photo I love. xxo

  7. I agree with you my sweet ftiend! I had a simple but perfect day yesterday and I wrote a little and simple french poem. I am happy!

  8. Such a beautiful post with all your gorgeous items and lovely words, my dear Rhonda, I so love it all, my friend!!

  9. I am simply happy being at our little cottage in France. Every morning when I open the front door, my heart swells with pleasure. The peace and quiet and beautiful countryside surrounding our cottage puts a smile on my face every time, doesn't matter if its grey, raining or sunny. I don't say it out loud often, but you could possibly find me singing it out loud, lol.

  10. As always, your photos and work makes me happy! =)


  11. Oh Rhonda, your vintage French images are just "to die for". Especially love, love, love the first image...Just Gorgeous! Hope your Spring weather is coming along nicely.


  12. How could you not be happy when you create such beauties! I love your jewelry and the trinket box is so special. Here's to more and more happy days!

  13. Hey you, haven't "talked" to you in what seems like ages. I love this blog post. so beautiful. I need a message where you give me some ideas to find what you find. (this message has been encrypted by a junk girl. One of the best. ;)
    love you sweets - thanks for the eye candy! Jan


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French