Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I just love this picture of my Mother.
Her sweet smile and her sweet face
melt my heart.
We live about 5 states away from each other
but it feels like further than that.
I will be seeing you in July, Mom!! 
I hope all of you are enjoying your special day
are surrounded by those you love.
A peek at some new treasures...

In my Etsy shop
I will be listing more treasures through the week.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you Rhonda. Enjoy.

  2. Absolutely precious gifts dearest Rhonda! Oh have a marvelous time with your mère.....and I wish you a great Mother's Day! LOVE, Anita

  3. So adorable, and beautiful, dear Rhonda, --I miss my mother today, too, as I lost her last year, but I have also felt happy for beautiful flowers from my daughter and husbond !!
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY , dear friend.

  4. Such a dear dear photo of your mother framed so beautifully!
    I have the most fond memories of my own gorgeous mother who passed away when I was only 18. Her memories live on in my heart especially on these special days!
    Oh boy you have been creating some gorgeous items for your Etsy - I'm sure they will go quickly!
    Hoping to catch up soon!
    Warm hugs,

  5. such a sweet photo of your dear maman! i'm happy you'll be able to see that sweet smile in person in july! ;)

  6. Rhonda, such beautiful finds! You made everything beautiful! I love the picture of your Mama. It reminds me of so many wonderful memories of my own Mother who passed away 6 years ago. So much has happened in those six years that I have wanted to talk to her about. I will get to visit with her later, when we meet again. Until then I will focus on the Love we shared!

  7. That picture of your mom is adorable Rhonda!!! I just love childhood photos of our parents, don't you? Thanks for sharing it!
    Love, the new prayer photo pieces...going now to check them out in Etsy! Have a great weekend.


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