Friday, May 29, 2015

The Joy of Collecting

 Often my dresser top has collected all different pieces
for that moment, I get to enjoy them
(grab my camera)

Not in a drawer

Not put away

 Don't hide your timeless pieces
Leave a few out and enjoy them

Not only will you have a feast your eyes
you will tickle your senses


  1. It's such a joy isn't it Rhonda? Those special finds that add to all the beauty one creates. And to dig through a pile of treasures is so breathtaking when that perfect piece finishes a piece perfectly.

    Love your treasures.


  2. Oh Rhonda, I love having my treasures both hidden and revealed. Like Doré says, I love to dig through a pile of collectables and to hold them. Some have a sentimental value of somekind - either a friend gave it to me or I found it one day at a deal...but either way, they are treasures! Have a sublime weekend, Anita

  3. So true! I often let things stay with me so I can enjoy them for a while before I pass them along to make room for new!

  4. So True, Rhonda!

    Merci for reminding me to make some of my treasured jewelry finds available for my eyes even when I'm not wearing them! BTW, I have that same PARIS pin in rhinestones, too! I love wearing it; I always get comments that get the conversation started about France!

    Hope your weekend is lovely,

    Mary in Oregon

  5. there are no sweeter "adornments" for any space then "found tresors." yours always "tickle my senses" mon amie. sigh....

  6. How pretty, Rhonda! Even the tray you have everything displayed on is beautiful. You are so right - there is not point in keeping the "nice things put safely away" if you can't enjoy looking at them. It's like using the "good dishes" for special events or holidays only.

  7. Such lovely vignettes! You have a lot of beautiful things :-)

  8. Oh yes, I love keeping out those special lovely treasures to enjoy.
    Mary Alice

  9. These treasures are there for us to enjoy and are our source of inspiration and should always be given pride of place for us and others to enjoy.
    Thank you for sharing yours with us Rhonda!
    My time is becoming freer now with computer issues behind me so hope to get my gift to you shortly.
    Hugs from me to you,

  10. What wonderful treasures. The wee lamb brought a smile to my eyes.
    Happy June and have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Life is so unfair *stomping my feet*.
    I was supposed to win this most glorious giveaway. *pouting like a big baby*.
    It shouldn't make any difference that I didn't get a chance to enter!

    Just kidding. :)
    Glorious giveaway i must say!! -x-


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