Monday, June 29, 2015

A Part of Me

I know that when I walk into my studio....
I will find a part of me
 My studio has evolved through the years
and what I love about it the most....
is the unexpected vignette,
that little space that always changes with my mood
Here is where I create
here is where I find peace after a hectic day
Wrapping orders or creating
-this is all a part of me-
Surrounded by vintage and antique pieces
that simply creates it's own beauty
It took me years to get here
and I'm good with that

Finding a little beauty in life
-that will always be a part of me-


  1. Your beautiful studio whispers peace, calm and serenity, and every time I pay a visit to it via your blog, I leave smiling and feeling that little bit calmer. It is a beautiful place.

  2. took a little coffee break and headed over to your house to find soft inspiration....... never lacking, never disappointing, never too far away to find my own heavenly whispers of love right there in your studio. Thank you for sharing a little part of you!

  3. Your studio is every beautiful part of your heart and soul. I believe our studios are the one space that we can freely let our hearts unravel. To just be. Yours is one of my favorites and I am especially loving your vintage french wire inspirational board. It really speaks to me and is so french nordic style! Lovely beauty in every corner of your french nordic studio.

    I completely forgot about the Where Women Create event this year. Are you participating? This post could be used for it!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is hard to keep up with it all, isn't it? I only have a blog, etsy, and Instagram. I do not know how people have Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, snap chat and anything else that is out there!

    Happy Summer xxo

  4. Every image and vignette in and from your studio rings a sweet chord with me Rhonda.
    To be surrounded by such beauty must bring calm and peace to your sweet spirit.
    Loving your gorgeous charms, bezels, French papers and that sweet gift tag I see!

  5. ALL of this takes years. The styling and staging our our homes down to our very lives. It takes years and then one day as you described, we walk into this space and feel settled. It's our refuge. Same here. Yesterday, we got the last of our four oil paintings that we purchased in Carmel. It is sitting on my mantel, and the colors of light seafoam for the sea and YELLOW for the sky anchor and also LIFT up the mood in my studio. My writing studio is reflecting my life, and how a little bit of change carves out another facet of my abilities, challenges and possibilities. Rhonda, your studio is magnificent. Anita

  6. I love your beautiful space, and your art is to die for. Just looking at all of the neat items you use in your art, makes my heart sing!!!

  7. You have created a beautiful space with all of your very lovely and unique treasures! I can see why it's a place of solace as well as creativity!
    Mary Alice

  8. Rhonda, you have a lovely creative space!

  9. How I love the textures of your life. Rhonda, you are such a sweet soul. Thank you for coming to visit today! ENJOY THE FOURTH! Anita

  10. Oh my dear, I have watched you spread your wings and soar. Your studios and the bits and pieces that inspire you had me gasping...I had to just take a moment and quietly take it all in. It's a spiritual place to be and its apparent that your studio loves you right back.
    Really beautiful foto's and inspiration for the taking. I can see why when you get home whether you enter your studio to create or just quietly listen to the whispers of it calling out to you to create with them. You leave the room without a doubt that this is where you belong.

    Thank you Rhonda for taking the time to visit me and my pieces of creative art, it always joys my days when you visit and leave inspired by something I have been working on....its art that keeps us intouch with all things pure and good.

    See you and all your beauty soon.
    I hope you have made time to enjoy your veranda and the pool that is at reach for a little relaxation.

    Happy Fourth of July!


  11. Your studio is a sanctuary...a haven...a peaceful place. I am sure it brings you serenity when you need it the most ( i know mine does). I would so love to see it for real someday mon Amie. Sigh. Happy 4th to you and D! ;))

  12. So gorgeous Rhonda!!! And such an inspiring place to light at the end of a long day. My studio is my sanctuary!!! Thank you for sharing your special place with us. Happy 4th to you and Sophie, hope you are having some fun this holiday!


  13. Just one word, dear Rhonda: GORGEOUS! Thank's for sharing.
    Hugs and love,


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