Friday, July 31, 2015

Petite Pretties

 It always starts with an image
 When I found this precious 
antique French holy card
I simply knew she would have to be shared
 Many of my pendant pieces
can be used as embellishments
 Adorn a simple bottle
add to a necklace
 Wherever your heart leads you today....
I hope you find a bit of happiness!
But if you feel the urge to shop...
well, you can stop in here for a start
Next Friday is
French Friday Giveaway


  1. Het is just perfect, I like this every time to stay with you! With many hugs, dear Meisje

  2. Good morning or I should say, BONJOUR CHÈRIE! Like always, your lovelies are a sweet sight to behold and your photography here and on IG are magnificent, Rhonda! Happy weekend as we now have entered August. This is CRAZY how fast school is approaching for me. NO!


  3. so beautiful mon have been spending some time in that gorgeous studio of yours creating such soulful things. adore! i hope you have a lovely saturday!

  4. True delight in your space today. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy a wonderful weekend

  5. Enjoyed my visit as always, it's so exciting to see new and creative pieces.

    I know the further your studio comes along with your designs the inspiration then just flows when time to create, a beautiful studio adds so much passion to what we create.

    See you soon dear,
    Beautiful Sunday to you.

  6. How amazing they are dear Rhonda, such a beauty created, the lovely old image, and the wonderful way uoi framed it, in many different ways !! My favorites are the two in number 2 picture, so very beautiful, dear friend !
    Hugs and happy August to you !!

  7. Your creations are so lovely, Rhonda! You really have a great vision for creating beauty in all of your pieces.
    Mary Alice

  8. Chère Ronda! BONJOUR! Merci for coming to see my post. You are a dear for visiting. What a great summer it has been. Even though school is going to start, there is still beauty in the halls of a school, where inspiration is necessary. Be well, enjoy what summer is left for us both. Anita

  9. Those bottles. That image. So dreamy!



I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French