Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

A Little Bit French Studio
Come on in....this is where I create 
 I enjoy creating in a space that soothes and calms
I have 2 wood top tables to create on
 I believe everything I own could be a prop for a photo
(that's the joy of collecting)
 My dreams come true right here
A mixture of yard sale, thrift store, flea market finds
Keep what inspires you near

 my work table is typically full of projects to finish

 If what you love is within your reach...grab it!
When I started creating again (after a long lull)
I felt reborn
This creative space feeds my soul
each drawer
each shelf
each basket
each corner
I hope you enjoyed your visit
Visit the most beautiful creative spaces
right here
Where Bloggers Create Party
Thanks to Karen of My Desert Cottage
 for hosting this wonderful event!