Friday, August 21, 2015

So you think you want to start a blog.......

Are you considering starting a blog?

If you have an eye for photography, 
home decor, styling, 
creating or fashion,
you may have asked yourself this question.

Blogging is like breathing to me, it's part of me.

I realize how much work goes into keeping a blog alive.
I also realize I need a haircut, pedicure and a maid...
but blogging is like my baby, I have to take care of it.

Life gets in the way.
Weeks go by without anything to say.
I know, I know

Then there's 1000's of photos to edit
-carefully chosen words-
-page layouts-
if none of these things scare you - then go for it!

I cannot describe the happiness my blog brings me,
it's like a little release of all of my constant thoughts and ideas
swimming around in my brain!

If you are thinking about joining the blogging community,
you have to understand this...
-you will meet kindred spirits-
-you will have blog friends from all over the world-
but most of get to express your inner self
Happy Friday Everyone!
(Yep, my studio has changed once again)

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