Friday, September 11, 2015

Healing is Needed

Where there is sadness and heartache
-healing is needed-
I've been told by customers
that my petite religious pieces bring them peace
Either suffering a loss of a loved one
simply a rough patch in life
you sweet ladies have no idea
how much your words mean to me
I long to hear that what passes from my hands to yours
lifts your spirit in some way
Keeping me busy at this big old wood table
creating away for hours
always wondering why I take the direction I do
Now, I know
VRemembering this day and praying we all healV


  1. Rhonda whether or not some have not purchased a peaceful piece of your art has no weight in how one feels even with a short visit to you.
    Yes these tiny pieces of repose, and soulful spirit is moving, and refreshes the heart with comfort.
    Your place is a place of shelter, a nest of beauty, and a place to gather your thoughts as to what's inportant in life or not.

    You know my style, and so fitting with how I create, yet I too find inspiration form you and your words as you have repeatedly reminded me how I inspire you! This is the beauty and purpose of why we artist create, it's to bring uniqueness to ones heart a soulful prayer of beauty and inspire someone who may have lost sight of what brings beauty into their lives.

    It inspires the drive to add something meaningful into ones day, and without that what do we have to hang onto but material things.
    Your beauty lightens ones heart.

    I love the small beefy frames with the ephemera words, you know I am a gatherer of words as well, it's the words that touch.


  2. Rhonda everything that I have ever purchased from your shop is like receiving a gift. A piece of french nordic beauty laced in peace. Thank you for all that you give and share. It really does matter...all the time and heart that goes into creating such loveliness. It matters to me. It is how I feel with my own art and shop. I just went and purchase the new petite lovelies. I so look forward to receiving them. A Little Bit Of French from you. xo Kerrie

  3. I always feel emotional on 9/11 and find it difficult to watch the "specials" on television without tearing up. While I lived in New York at the time, I did not lose anyone that I knew personally, however, I think we all felt such a horror and sadness at this terrible event and the lives lost. I'm sure your religious items, especially those you've shared in this post bring some comfort today and everyday, Rhonda.

  4. Dearest Rhonda

    We are all looking to add beauty to our lives, your blog and the art pieces you create I'm sure make a difference to many lives.
    We don't always know what is happening on the inside to someone.
    A visit to your blog or a purchase from your shop can mean so much and will lift the spirits and enhance a life – that’s a very rare gift dear Rhonda.

    I know Who is directing your hands in making these precious creations!

    Shane xox

  5. It is amazing how my body has physically ached today with memories! We all need healing, we all need compassion, and we all need beauty in our lives. The pieces you create are not only beautiful but give a sense of peacefulness! Blessings, Cindy

  6. Oh dear Rhonda, so many of your beautiful pieces are here with me, dayli giving me beauty, joy and comfort seing them or holding them in my hand , -I love your art, and the angel in silver frame below here, is so gorgeous !!!
    Love and hugs, Dorthe ( have been away painting my daughters new apartment, therefore the quietness !!)

  7. Your work truly is gentle dearest Rhonda, and I love the little win I obtained a while back. Being on a budget prevents me from buying out your SHOP! But the art that people create truly reminds us how connected we all are. Blessings of healing to you too!

  8. I think "AMEN" covers it. Beautiful work!

  9. Your work is a joy and healing just to see. Love all you do. Thank you for sharing. Blessings

  10. Dear Rhonda
    Just to view your artwork brings healing, calmness and soothes our souls even if we can't own it!
    There is no question you are doing and creating what you are meant to for yourself and those that care to join your journey.
    I too very much love the angel in the silver frame. So beautiful!
    Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. We are the fortunate ones!
    Blessings and love,

  11. I love what you create Rhonda. I love you and all you put into your pieces. I love our friendship.

    Lord, someone is hurting.


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French