Sunday, September 27, 2015

Salvaged Beauty

After attending shopping until our feet hurt
at the
 Junk in the Trunk Show
last Saturday... 
I was more than inspired
 to upcycle and repurpose
in my studio
What was once broken or discarded
can become your treasures
Looking forward to creating with these pieces
Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Rhonda I always love seeing your beautiful pieces. Glad you felt inspired to create some new beautiful treasures for the shop.

  2. Such loveliness! Yum!! Love those architectural pieces!! I'm sure you will do something amazing with them!! Have a wonderful week, sweetie!

  3. Hi Rhonda, it's always a great feeling to come home inspired to make some special changes in a space. It so inspires when we se something in a different light and then say to ourselves "why did I not think of this" then we get going on creating newness that just settles on our heart as to falling in love with change. It's what happened to me when years of thought played out with an old dated armoire and changed everything in my front room and how I live in that space.
    So I really get the passion behind your eventful shopping day that inspired what's to come from you and your office / inspiration room.

    Enjoy the beauty around you hope to see more of the changes.

    See you soon beautiful.



  4. Are these new pieces or ones you have had for awhile and will now repurpose? I love them as I always love your artwork and your style. I went to Sweet Salvage on Thursday evening and shopped and Friday morning to take pictures. But came home Friday afternoon. One of these weekends when Junk in the trunk is open, I'll visit. But I imagine I wouldn't be able to stop at only 2-3 pieces. All the photos I've seen before and after the event are fantastic.

  5. Everything you created is always so beautiful and you are the only one I know that can make a spool of twine look so good. Looking forward to your newest creations with your finds!

  6. Rhonda,

    I know I don't comment nearly often enough, but I just wanted to tell you that your posts are the highlight of many of my days. Being ill and home bound, it is so inspiring to see such beautiful things, and especially the religious items, and the all wonderful things you create with them. Thank you for always brightening my days, no matter how bleak they may seem at times. God bless you always, and please know that what you do truly matter.


  7. The upcycled bottle is gorgeous and l was really inspired by what you did with the clock....amazing!!

  8. You always make stunning things from salvaged pieces....kinda like how God makes something lovely from a broken human being. Oh the love!!!!!

  9. Oh those salvaged collected pieces are just awesome Rhonda. Now I guess we will have to stay glued to your shop window to see them in their new restored life. I love that beautiful gold framed tapestry piece!
    Thank you sweet friend for putting me on to Stampington re. that stamp we talked about. It came so fast and you have probably seen it already appearing in one on my books!!
    Hugs to you from sunny Spring days again,


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