Friday, October 9, 2015

French Friday Giveaway Winner & Studio Styling

Please email me your address
your shabby wire frame 
will be on it's way to you

Studio Styling
Have you ever had one of those days
where you remove everything 
out of a room 
"start over"
I recently removed as much as I could
from my filled to the max studio
I am always needing more space 
to photograph for my shop
the need to have a flow as I worked
I'm slowly getting there
as I move decor around
from room to room
a much cluttered dresser top
is now more appealing
As you will see 
from time to time
a corner here
a dresser top there
I will keep my French collections in better view
As I rotate collections and decor,
some collections are tucked away for another time
when it's completely finished
I will have the GRAND VIEWING


  1. Congrats to your winner! .....a grand viewing! Something to dream about on this end/ can't wait!!!! Taking it all pit and editing! What a task but maybe that is exactly what i need to get motivated for christmas items in my shop! Do you still have your vendor booth! I missine around Christmas.....i was invited to do a christmas vendor market but just can't muster any new ideas!

  2. Congrats to Rita! It's a joy to rearrange and readjust my spaces. I believe it helps keep things alive and happy! Love your french collection! Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy

  3. GORGEOUS GORGEOS! Oh Rhonda, your world is so beautiful, and captured with the best photography. AND....I got a package in the mail last night when I came home late and fatigued from work. I will be opening it up when the sun comes up for light, and will get back to you...THANK YOU!

  4. Rhonda - thank you so much. I am thrilled to have won this drawing. It made my day. I have e-mailed my address to you. Rita

  5. Beautiful! I am looking forward to the grand view!!

  6. Oh my sweet Rhonda, your room is so special, with your French found beautiful laces, and other pieces,. Your angel and the crown are both amazing finds, whether French or from your USA, and I totally love your style, -every piece is gorgeous. You are such a beautiful friend, and you know how to spread both joy and love, around you, Rhonda. Thank you for being out there, my dear long time friend.
    Congratulations to Rita, for winning the wonderful frame.
    Love from Dorthe

  7. Beautiful Rhonda, is this not the best part of creating, being able to stage and style our creative spaces inspire the most from us :) your studio have taken on a look like none other and I love the lanterns set out in a group looking and feeling like little glass shines for crosses and treasures.

    Congrats to your winner, another party to your beauty who will treasure it dearly.

    See you soon dear.


  8. Your studio is always so beautiful...a favorite of mine xo Kerrie

  9. Love the angel...and the crown....beautiful room.

  10. You are so kind to have these give a ways . I am the recipient of one of your give a ways .

  11. You have a real knack for artistically organizing the vignettes - gives me inspiration.

  12. I love to reorganize a space. You always find new treasures that you forgot about
    Hugs Nikki


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