Sunday, October 18, 2015

the Mystery Box

 Yesterday in my studio
I found a box
 a box stored away 
unfinished projects...sigh
not again, I thought
 so...while the man of the house
was watching college football last night...
 I decided to finish these little projects
 I just love finding forgotten treasures,
even though they are treasures I will be parting with
 soon in my Etsy shop
the mystery box was empty
my story of shoved out the way projects was told
a little box was found at the right time
I had such pleasure
adding a little bit here
a little bit there


  1. Such lovely pieces, Rhonda! It's a happy day when we are encouraged to create! Blessings, Cindy

  2. Your forgotten treasures Rhonda will be come lovely new treasures for your shop. I know your creativity will bring about some beautiful things.

  3. Rhonda the petite framed shrines you create are so precious. I love mine so much. xo

  4. Your projects were finished beautifully! As always I adore them!

  5. Ih I wish I found a box of forgotten tresors like THAT! Simply volley Mon Amie! ;)

  6. You've created some beautiful things with your forgotten box of treasures.

  7. They are all such sweet little pieces, I am glad you found them and shared those beautiful photographs with us.

  8. Rhonda, your little treasures mean so much to me. I can feel the joy as you describe how your husband was watching his football game, and YOU where in your studio, handling such beauty, dreaming, creating...I know the feeling of being almost LOST in another world of quietness and history, charm and elegance as such. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

  9. My dearest Rhonda, such adorable pieces created from your unfinished beauties and box of treasures, I love your little frames ,so lovely created, and all the amazing charms in their beautiful frames of all kinds. You are always creating such beauty and it is a wonderful part of my blogging visiting you ,dear sweet friend.
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  10. This is the beauty I take most delight in creating when little treasures or big ones. I know how you create, you find a great piece but not quite sure what you will do with it and then your box fills up with beauty, it's then when inspiration hits you and the box of beauty inspires all you soulfully create.
    Love your framed box that holds more of your sweet designs drawing us in for a closer look at all that quiets you.

    Don't you love having this space to lose yourself in its glory, it's such a spiritual place it takes you to, that's how I feel when I am creating, I can imagine how moved you are when your pieces take on more of you. I always leave you Rhonda with a sense of how you create for you, and these pieces become more treasured by those who give them a new home.

    See you soon.

  11. ..................I can't wait until some Publisher finds your 'cinderella' story and puts it in book form...will you personally autograph mine?


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French