Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Decorator's Tip

Years ago a stylist / decorator friend in Chicago once told me:
"You must rotate your home decor"
Whether it be a lamp, mirror, vase or a table
it might look better somewhere else in your home
or stored away for another day
We have to admit it, we have so much decor we love,
it makes sense to display for a time
rotate your decor
Because our weather is more sun than rain,
I am able to use furniture from our patio.
I've been known to pull a table off the patio
for inside our home.

I've been known to pull a wrought iron bench
off the patio for my studio.
I move furniture around so much
 it is great to use what you already have!
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  1. Rhonda I always love seeing your beautiful decor. So white creamy and dreamy always.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Well honey, just rotate all that pretty right over to my house

  3. Hi Rhonda, I had to smile and laugh inside at Susanne's comment.
    As for rotating I am my own worst enamy in designs, I works so often in production homes and estate Model homes that I often force my look of an easier living now in this smaller investment home due to living more like a model home. I deal with very high end pieces for these homes and the builders and developers want lots of bang for there big bucks. Yet when it comes to my home I love junk! I shop the thrifts, fleas, tag and yard sales for that next great find and treasure and then I cart it home and reimage it to my tones and decay :)
    It's so hard for me to rotate do to space, and so when I find something I love I will add it to my look, or get rid of something to make room for the new addition.

    When I brought home a armoire stored in my storage from using it in a model home I restyled it, aged it and washed in with a lime waxed weathered look and then feel in love with it so much I did just that rotated the two door swedish Nordic French chest into my home office studio to place the armoire in its place in my front room, now the rococo French mirror is on the floor nested next to it nestled a bit behind the French basket next to the armoire and I love the artsy feel of feeling like I live in a Antropologie store window display, or something like a music video my daughter says.

    I do rotate my pieces when I want a new look, and it will amaze friends and myself that I had that in another room that did nothing for that space but everything for the new place it took over.
    Your studio looks like a photo of a "Jeanne d Arc" magazine shoot and a page that shows up in that wonderful magazine. Truly, I am not telling you this for any other reason then to let you know how moving this studio has become for such a soulful artist as you, Nordic at its best.

    Keep rotating when you have rested your eyes on its look long enough, it's so inspiring to our art and the artist in us to live with a new outlook on what we have and how it inspires the space for a time being.

    See you and your beautiful style soon.

    Grace and beauty.


  4. My dear Rhonda, how wonderful to see some of your beautiful corners in your home ! Everywhere filled with beautiful old and newer pieces, going perfectly together, and looking so romantic, and elegant, all in white and zinc and gold tones. I too love to use outdoors furnichures inside, -and I too , really should rotate some of my things, as here and there I have FAR too many pieces in one spot,lol.
    Thank you sweet dear friend, for this stunning photo post, I love all I can see !!
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  5. I have been doing this and it feels always seems like a new house! Bonjour Rhonda!

  6. Hi Rhonda, it was so nice to see you stop by my blog the other day and say hello. Thank you for that and your kind words, they are always so uplifting to me! Love your furniture in this post. My, oh my, even your patio furniture is exquisite, so jeally right about now, lol. Take care and say hi to Sophie for me and the boys!


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