Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After....

The day after Thanksgiving...
hope you had a fabulous holiday!
a lot of us are decorating for Christmas
some are shopping until they drop
 new in my etsy shop
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simply type in the coupon box
it feels like Christmas in my studio
we do not pull out the Christmas tree 
until December 1st
I've started to "collect" antique / vintage nativity pieces
 Soon my vintage Christmas
will flow into the rest of our home
for now, I just love admiring them
in my studio for a few more days

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Your antique Holy pieces are so beautiful. They will fill your home with the gentle light of Noel.

  2. Rhonda everything is so beautiful. Love your crown. Gorgeous.
    Have a great time as you start your decorating.

  3. Oh Rhonda, your vignettes steal the show every time. Our Thanksgiving was delish, I've been off since Wednesday, and I went power shopping yesterday (just little things!) but it was fun nonetheless. LOVE YOUR STYLE!

  4. So very many pieces to fall in love with dear Rhonda, both your creations, and your amazing collections of crowns , Madonna , and the nativity pieces are so beautiful, I love it all, sweet friend.
    Here we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend !!

  5. I have no idea what the French text reads in picture 4 but it immediately made me reflect on the scripture that tells us that God bottles all of our tears! I wonder how big my bottle in Heaven is?? just a thought.......we may all speak different languages, but tears that fall are heard by Him in all of the same dialect! (I hope it's French! heheheehe) .......God is Good! and so are You!

  6. Oh Rhonda dear, I am so very late...
    I got so busy, rush rush and so very little help perpairing for Thanksgiving, all and all its a joy to not create art but prepair a beautiful meal of Thanks.
    Your art just flows, and with your beautiful pace you continue to create.

    Looking forward to seeing your tree, and the quiet beauty it will take on.

    See you soon.


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