Sunday, January 24, 2016

Going with the Flow

Since before Thanksgiving, I've not really shopped for myself.
Knowing all too well that when I did shop next time,
it would unleash the shopaholic in me!
This is only part of my haul from four Goodwills and one antique mall
(more on that, later)
I've been busy creating new tags from my Etsy orders
 A little bling always makes me smile
 New in the shop...vintage pieces
A newly created shrine featuring my favorite 
antique French holy card
Sainte Philomene 
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I totally love it all Rhonda, the crosses, the figurine, and the painted bonboniere ? amazing finds all, and your bling just to wish for.
    Beautiful are your necklaces and charms, and the shrine, so wonderfully created, too.
    Love from Dorthe

  2. I am so LOVING that beautiful filigree Jesus / CROSS!!! Girl, you scored!

  3. I always want to purchase everything you list new in your shop. I would wear Marie Antionette very proudly

  4. What a beautiful lot of pieces you found and are creating! Love all the whites, golds, and bling! Blessings, Cindy

  5. And I am so enjoying my little French box that I got from you. The tiny things make the surroundings at home so special. Looking good as always, Rhonda!

  6. Just beautiful, Rhonda. I love it all!


    PS - did you get the card?

    1. Hi Sue!!! Yes, I did receive your GORGEOUS card. I'm displaying it in my studio, it's simply beautiful. Thank you.

  7. You got me at this statement: "...when I did shop next time,
    it would unleash the shopaholic in me!" You nailed it, girl! Big time! This is one reason, of many, that when I plan a visit to the Valley, it is NOT on the 3rd weekend of the month when Sweet Salvage is open. Gads but that place begs to me to SHOP, BUY ME, TAKE ME HOME and see if you figure out what to do with me! However, your treasures you found at the Goodwill stores are inspiring. You found some very beautiful treasures. Way to go!

  8. I'm still drooling over your haul from last week!! Sigh. Happy Monday mon Amie! ;)

  9. Love your finds and what you have done with them. Di

  10. And going with the flow indeed.
    Always inspired with your drive, always something creative from you new.

    Have a beautiful creative week my dear.


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French