Sunday, January 3, 2016

Studio Reveal Preview

there are no words
to explain
my constant
changing / re-styling / my studio
no words
I can only believe it comes from...
too much in a small space
but I'm determined to
"get it right"
 To be able to walk into this room
have nothing left to do but create!
Final reveal coming soon!
Pending accent wall color story!


  1. Dearest Rhonda
    This is where the magic happens and I would love to spend a few hours here with you!
    You've created an inspiring environment in which to work - everything is at your fingertips and you have surrounded yourself with beautiful vignettes which inspire you!
    I'm in heaven!
    Warm hugs
    Shane xox

  2. I've always loved your space Rhonda. Hope you are fabulous, blissfully happy, and very loved. I miss out chats. xoxo Rhonda the other one lol

  3. This room is gorgeous. Ohhhhhh just dreamy. I can see why your creations are so beautiful. You have a great and beautiful space to create. Ahhh swooning Rhonda.

  4. Happy New Year Rhonda how inspiring ~ and its keep us inspired beautiful
    have a wonderful creative year ~ xo xo Lorraine

  5. They do say that a Creative Mind is Messy... so it's not so unusual for a Creative Space to Feel that way and especially when Works are in Progress. But I do think we all like our Creative Sanctuaries to be Inviting and in some kind of at least Organized Chaos. *Winks* Yours looks way Tidier than mine, so I Applaud the Work you've clearly put into Changing it up and look forward to the Big Reveal now that we've had a Tease. *LOL* Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Can't wait to see the reveal.


  7. You have so many wonderful pretties to play with in your studio...what a great space to create!
    Mary Alice

  8. Dear Rhonda
    When we create it fills our hearts to be inspired by the magic and beauty that we surround ourselves with and your space is no exception. Everything looks so soothing and there is a spiritual sense of calmness.
    Have a joyful and peaceful time in your creative space this New Year!
    Warm hugs,

  9. It's gorgeous now... such a dreamy space to create in!
    ~ Happy New Year,

  10. OOOOh...It's perfection now...can't imagine it looking any lovelier Mon Amie but I can't WAIT! ;)

  11. Well Rhonda, I have followed you from the beginning and have watched every change you have adapted to I'm your space of inspiration.
    This is a true artist, the need to change, the need to evolve, the need to mix it up, and the need to surround yourself with all the right kind of rightness that inspires all that moves you soulfully in creating.

    I can tell this space lives and you live with it, as I too have to live with what inspires my art and work.
    You will find a new post that reveals how my Rural, Rustic, reclaimed brocante French Kitchen lives... It's part of what inspires my art, and how I create, even down to the food we eat often takes on the artful fell of our surroundings... I know you will understand where I am doing from here.

    Live it gently for it lives within you my dear.



  12. You have such a beautiful space to create in, Rhonda! I can't believe there is much there for you to do other than create! : ) Now my space needs some organizing attention ~when you get done with yours come visit me in Ohio.

  13. Rhonda,
    I love your space, whatever it looks like! I long to be able to walk into my studio/sewing room and be able to just create without having to clean first. I think that is part of my learning balance. Progress has happened here, slowly, but slow and steady wins the race! I also have too many things in that space, so I understand how that feels! it will be beautiful to see!
    hugs, Betsy

  14. walk in and have nothing left to do but create!!!! I feel your pain! I mean CREATIVITY! While we feel like our own spaces are never quite right and orderly....wouldn't it be fun to Trade Spaces with those creative spaces we personally swoon over and wish for just an hour to be in it! How fun to see what ideas we could come up with in someone else's creative space!! Iffffff only! I would love to trade spaces with you! Bad paint color and all! Sweet day Rhonda-Master of Ornate Lacy French Shabby Chippy White Religious Iconic Happiness! xxx, S

  15. Oh Rhonda, if only my space looked the same as yours, which is a heaven of white beauty. I believe that creative persons like us, are never satisfied, as we always comes up with new ideas, of mixing and matching, new amazing finds, we want to see and show , and ontop all our materials we kind of love, to show, too! Your room is so very beautiful, dear friend.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  16. You already have it Just Right
    I am in the mood to clean up my studio and make it look prettier however when I get home from work all my energy and creativity is gone LOL

  17. You may have "too much stuff in too small a space" but ohhhhh - it's good stuff.

    Enjoy it all!


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French