Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's Really Been Going On Over Here

Oh, you mean between the many vintage shopping sprees?

 Treasure hunting is my "absolute" favorite pastime
I am proud to say, I had not been thrifting or junkin' 
since before Thanksgiving...
all of that changed last month...
Our guest room dresser top is filled with projects now!
I simply cannot walk by a beautiful lamp or candlestick
- it MUST go home with me -
I hide my treasures in the guest room
I've been "found out" by the man of the house
I asked him, would you have been able to pass up this shelf?
He smiles, laughs and shakes his head - gotta love him
I really have been creating in between treasure hunting
These petite boho embellishments sold quickly in my shop
Well, I believe I've shared the dirt on my junkin addiction!
I will be taking a break from shopping,
as I truly need to tackle
 all of the candlestick home decor ideas I have!
Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I share joy as well. I secret my finds in my Craft Room or as hubby calls it the Hiding place. Thank you for sharing. Di@ Cottage-wishes

  2. You find so many wonderful and lovely treasures, Rhonda! I can hardly think of anything more fun to do either.
    Mary Alice

  3. You always have the prettiest bling to show us, Rhonda! It sounds like you were really good, so I'm sure you can't be blamed for your thrifting finds. : ) I have not been myself since - I don't know how long it's been - but I've got a bunch of stuff to bring to Goodwill, so I'll have to stop inside and see what they've got.

  4. I can definitely Relate... LOL... and those Boho embellishments are gorgeous, no wonder they Sold quickly! You 'Scored' some Fab Found Treasures after coming out of your self-imposed hiatus... winks... I haven't been Junquing so much lately either but it is one of my absolute Fav things to do... there is nothing quite like the Thrill of the Hunt! Happy Valentine's Day... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Oh Rhonda, those little crocheted medallions with the scrunchy ribbon, OH OH!!!!!! Those are simply gorgeous!!!

  6. LOVE the boho embellishments the most (so far ...)


  7. What a gorgeous collection those candlesticks will make all painted and showcased together! Stunning! Sigh...

  8. Rhonda, I had to smile , what a fantastic collection, I`m exited to see what you will be doing with them all, dearest.
    The wonderful boxes filled with beauty ,the shelf is stunning, the boho embellishments, oh so lovely , so much to wish for and admire, as always when visiting you sweetie.
    I hope your Valentines day was wonderful, hugs and love from Dorthe

  9. Of course I would be interested in the up styling of the candlesticks, this is what is so much fun about creating! It's not just the found pieces it's what those found pieces will become.
    Love the medallions, they are like little blue ribbon awards yet neutral. Perhaps you can give yourself first prize for creativity here.....also your studio is so placed and organized beautifully, mine not so much, paint brushes, wire, shells, twine, paper clippings all here and there tossed about, finding bits of this and that in The strangest of places.
    Thank you Rhonda dear for your loyal encouraging visits to my blog, you have a way of making a girl feel good about their creating and designing :)

    See you soon

    Ps. Looking forward to another reveal of what you are up to.


  10. I, for one, am so glad you shared! I love to see what others love and can't pass up. You have a wonderful eye for treasures and what you do and create with them is amazing. Those Boho embellishments are gorgeous! How you have displayed them here and on IG just makes me sigh when I see them.
    hugs from here...

  11. Such beautiful finds for you to create with and enjoy.


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