Sunday, February 14, 2016

What's Really Been Going On Over Here

Oh, you mean between the many vintage shopping sprees?

 Treasure hunting is my "absolute" favorite pastime
I am proud to say, I had not been thrifting or junkin' 
since before Thanksgiving...
all of that changed last month...
Our guest room dresser top is filled with projects now!
I simply cannot walk by a beautiful lamp or candlestick
- it MUST go home with me -
I hide my treasures in the guest room
I've been "found out" by the man of the house
I asked him, would you have been able to pass up this shelf?
He smiles, laughs and shakes his head - gotta love him
I really have been creating in between treasure hunting
These petite boho embellishments sold quickly in my shop
Well, I believe I've shared the dirt on my junkin addiction!
I will be taking a break from shopping,
as I truly need to tackle
 all of the candlestick home decor ideas I have!
Thanks for stopping by!!