Sunday, May 1, 2016

Studio Redo

I would like to share some fun changes going on in the studio
Goodbye heavy farm table
So long shabby end table with the much used drawer
Farewell clutter and crowded corner!
Right here is my new corner to create 
My garden bench will have to suffice
 until I find the perfect French settee
I have the patience of a saint..yeah right!
Some newly created vintage treasures
in my Etsy shop

I hope you enjoyed your visit today!
Happy May Day!


  1. Hi Rhonda, I love the round table in the corner, I also see it moved about when your in the mood for a new look and feel. I always wanted a room where I could center a table like yours smack dab in the middle of a room surrounded buy over sized wing chairs and settees. All in pale raw textiles.
    I see this table even in The center of your room where you can sit there and create as well. Love the metal garden settee, and you can pile some French throw pillows on it and it will give you all that you need for this space.
    My small work room/sitting room, I want to do something similar as to what you have done here, turning it into my office/guest room sitting room. I am looking for a daybed or twin that I can style into a daybed and be able to lay and relay in A quiet small space, yet also act as a sleeping space for our single guest that come up from the beach to stay a night or two.

    Love the floors, the table, and the quiet space you have to escape to creatively.
    Well my dear I am off to bed, I had a long day, and was so wound up, I got busy reading some favorite blogs just to help put me to sleep, ummm! Not working.

    I have new pieces coming into my shop in the next couple of days, I think they may inspire you and your art :)

    See you soon.
    Grace and beauty in your quiet studio place.
    Keep inspiring soulful pieces.


  2. Dear Rhonda,
    your "new" room looks so beautiful, a place to relax, and to gain energy again. The new corner looks sweet and lovely, as does your creations. The old clock, is a wonderful idea. Beautiful jewelry pieces as always , dear friend.

  3. Hi Rhonda, you have made so many lovely pieces and your room is gorgeous!

  4. Dearest Rhonda! BONJOUR! I hear ya about decluttering, I hear ya about redoing our space! I love what you have going on here. A studio for me (where I read, write and process my photos) has to be OPEN but occupied only by that which inspires. I have always loved your studio, but I do love that little simple French settee you have there and it's a perfect fit.

    Happy creating!

  5. it's serenely beautiful and a calming haven for you. one day, i will be sitting on that settee you plan on putting in day....

  6. Your studio is truly beautiful...a work of art in itself. I love also the jewellery you've created. it's stunning.

  7. Hello and aloha
    love your studio, so graceful and elegant Rhonda
    I appreciate the visit to me. Come see me and we will make art
    Love Lilla

  8. There is something special in what you do. It's from the heart! I feel like I have just visited a beautiful French Shop in Paris!! Glorious

  9. Chère amie, BONJOUR! I am so happy to see you at my blog! I just got home from school to be here in the serenity of my home...and thank you so much for your kind comment. I am having such fun capturing the fleeting Minnesota spring and the colors are just vibrant this year. I hope you are enjoying lots of color where you are!

    HUGS TO YOU!!!!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French