Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What's Happening in the Studio

one good thing that I accomplished
(that has been on my "to do" list forever)
was to touch up my crown - to lighten it up
keeping the studio organized
as I photograph and list
all the items for my new webshop
I simply cannot wait for you all to check it out
as soon as I get the word it is open
I will let everyone know
(it's a domain thing that is holding it up)
I won't say it was easy
I refuse to even say it was fun
but in the end
I hope my own webshop is enjoyed by you
I don't know about you
I always have one area in my studio
that has to be "clean"
Well my friends, it's going to be a hot summer
I am all set up to keep busy in the studio
more fabric & lace books
more mini vignettes
more treasures to get ready to list

Nothing has really changed from selling on Etsy
Same free tracking
Same thank you gift
Same customer service

Let's chat soon!


  1. Just beautiful. Those soothing whites with a touch of metallic, just call to me. Mimi xxx

  2. Your studio has always intrigued me, Rhonda! Sensational imagery and lighting. SIGH!

  3. I always love your photo vignettes in your blog posts. You have a beautiful sense of style for sure. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your studio. It is hot up here in Flagstaff but still cool at night so I can leave windows open to cool the house down. Still no a/c but thinking about a small window unit one of these days. I know you have refrigeration at your house. I'm glad you do.

  4. Oh my so many beautiful things in your studio. Love the crown.
    Hugs from here

  5. Dear Rhonda,
    I so hope for you and your costumers :-) the shop will soon open up - I will surely visit often !! Loved seeing you room filled with wonders again, -the crown is gorgeous, and so are all the little beautiful things you created and collected , my friend. Hugs from Dorthe

  6. Swooning just beautiful. Happy Summer Rhonda.

  7. It is always such a pleasure to visit you dear Rhonda.I adore your vignettes and the crown is gorgeous.
    Hugs and love,


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