Tuesday, September 13, 2011

White Wednesday's Vignette

A White Wednesday Vignette
I'm sharing with you
as I pull together some petite new creations,
gifts from friends
and treasures I cannot part with.

It started with these vintage earrings

I bought them to use on one of my art pieces...
just couldn't do it...I love them so much.

Using my newly altered matchboxes, 
along with petite gifts from friends (merci Marie)
my vignette grew....

All shades of ivory and whites
and another letter holder I painted and 
filled with French supplies.

I leave you with a wonderful
treasure from my friend Lilla

Lilla's art has changed my life. 
I won this beautiful shabby brooch creation from her blog. 
It's base is a waxed French ephemera page and
I worried every day how the Arizona heat might harm it
sitting in my mailbox.

It arrived safe and beautiful.

Merci Lilla!

xo Rhonda

Joining in with Kathleen 
for White Wednesday.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Famille, Antiquing, Finds and a Car

How to Squeeze A Lot of Fun In 5 Days 

"It's so nice to have this time together", my father and niece sang this song to everyone and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. As I hang onto the memories of this trip, helped by my niece's 35 videos she took with my camera, I replay them and hear laughter, more laughter, crazy laughter.

If you've never antiqued as a family, you are missing out. My brother found this incredible matchbook. I looked in that booth twice and missed it. Thank you Scott - I am so happy to have this. I researched it and found out more about it.

Giant feature matchbook from Chicago's famous French Casino (1934-1939) All Girl Revue. 
TRIVIA: In 1934, during the Chicago World's Fair, it became French Casino. The French Casino is where John Dillinger spent his birthday, June 22, 1934, a month before he was shot.

I found so many interesting things this trip

The hunt is what it's all about.....

but the true delight was doing it as a family.

Oh, did I mention a car?

My baby brother surprised us all when he drove up with his new car....sigh
My niece says it has a peace sign.

Okay, if my baby brother is driving a Mercedes, does that make me old?
Yep, it does.

My only niece, Kayla, took this photo.
I think she is a future blogger. Smile.

Tomorrow is September 11th and a sad day for us all.
Keeping those families who lost someone that day
in my prayers and thoughts.

xo Rhonda