Thursday, May 23, 2019

A French Box of Inspiration

I started these inspiration kits
weeks ago
but allergies got in the way - so not funny
Now that I feel so much better
I've listed these sweet collections
in the shop
Each box is unique
there's a lot to work with
I had time to create
another tray of supplies
Sorting through my supplies
create supplies for others
I hope you found 
some inspiration today!
I have to say,
I thought about purchasing
a new camera
my old Nikon is working just fine
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Enjoying the Weekend

One morning months ago,
I got up and started creating
petite junk journals
Using scraps, ephemera, tin types, trims
I made 7 petite junk journals
I've listed 3 so far in my shop
it's so hard to let go of some treasures
 There are more inspiration kits
in my shop again
for those who create

Here's to a beautiful weekend
whether you are
taking care of family
Simply spend a little time
feeding your own soul

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

For Your Creative Side

 I did it, I pulled out the sewing machine!
Making art supply wraps
Ready to hold your favorite
art supplies
 I've filled each pocket
with paper & fabric pieces
these can easily hold
paint brushes, scissors, embroidery supplies & more
If you are looking 
an inspiration kit
 this is a good one to start with
 grab your scissors, glue or sewing machine
Let's kick start that creativity!
We have a wood shop that is always
producing salvaged wood pieces.
So, I printed this Saint Ursula image
onto fabric and added it to a shabby white wood scrap!
New in the SHOP
Religious pieces
an antique engraving that I adore

Let's just say I've been busy in the studio.
It feels good to work in here.
I have so much more to photograph
list in my shop.
Keep an eye out for more kits!

Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Paquets of Supplies

It always starts with "something", am I right?
This time it started with these ladies,
these ladies who remind me of Spring days
This lead to creating contained supplies in petite boxes
trying to keep it interesting and new,
I wrapped each supply box with different colored papers,
added various labels,
tied them up with string

I plan on creating many more of these paquets
for the shop!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Papier Love

Ah, my first love, paper!
 It is so relaxing to spread out
scraps, paper images, tags
create away!
New in the shop
paper bundles 
These are a bit different...
I've rolled up burlap, fabric images, paper images
tied them up with twine from France
I love little packages
I created these with 6 cardstock images
tied them up with the twine from France 
A lot to choose from
create today or save for another day 
A petite vintage brass frame
New in the Shop

It's been a nice weekend
I hope you had one, too!

Thanks for stopping by!