Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Your Creative Side


Do you wonder how you
got your creative side?
As a child, I watched my parents create
from broken antique & vintage clocks,
to garage sale decor
it helped that they had very
creative and artist friends
those memories
stay with you
a lifetime
I never wonder why I create...
I already know
I may have had different influences
in life than my parents
all in all
we love to create
sharing that love

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Faded Creations

Everyone is looking forward to Spring
I recently tea stained laces & trims
it was warm and breezy
I hung them outside to dry
What is it about laundry on the line
with a breeze
that centers us?
Meantime, back in the studio....
I've been creating
small books out of saved
antique French ephemera

This flat lay will be available for download soon!
More saved antique French ephemera
A little sample of the supply kits
that are in the makes
Thanks for stopping by!
Keep creating and inspiring others!