Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Going to Paris!

I've been talking about going to France FOREVER! Finally, the tickets are purchased, the hotel arrangements made, I'm going to France!

My whole adult life I have been dreaming of a trip to France. It's all I think about. Life has brought me many close attempts to travelling there but life also cancelled those plans. My good friend from Chicago, Deb, found a fantastic airfare one day and the next day those seats were ours! She is bringing her cameras and I am bringing an empty suitcase.

Never too late I say!!! I have every French travel book imaginable and maps galore. I'm so excited - I cannot wait until April - Oui Oui Bonjour Merci - how many suitcases can I bring?

Dreams do come true, is all I can say.

What is even better, when I told my Father of my trip, he began to remember his Father's stories of France. My Grandfather served in WWI and was given a Purple Heart Medal. He was shot in the leg and the story goes that a very small Frenchman carried my Grandfather a long way to the medics for attention. My eyes flooded with tears when my Father told me that story. Merci Beaucoup France for taking care of my Grandfather that day.

So, for now, I know two women that are very happy to have their own French stories to tell one day.

This little French inspired gal is welcoming any travel advice, tips, favorite stories, plans of your own to share. Yes, this is me at 5 or 6 years old.

French themed embroidered towels are compliments of my sweet friends Maddie and Gail. I received these for Christmas from them and they are so sweet to have put all that work into them.