Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Scrolling Through the Past

I recently looked at my Google Photos

and realized that Google was saving some of my pictures

The mystery to me is that not all pictures
were saved automatically
I never really checked because I save my photos to a flash drive.
I will take what I got!
These pictures are from a very long time ago
Oh, the memories....
This was so much fun
scrolling down through the years!
A trip down memory lane

Monday, February 8, 2021

Tintypes and Bundles

 Creating petite journals
antique tintypes

All sold out last week
I am creating more for the shop
Art Bundles

You can expect more bundles
in the future

I realize that like me,
it's impossible to find
all the vintage pieces
that we would find while shopping.
I would shop at antique malls,
winter flea markets,
estate sales and more.
Due to the pandemic, those days are gone!
Soon, I hope to be at it and searching for more treasures!

Hang in there!
Be Safe!