Friday, July 27, 2018

What Catches Your Eye?

 If you could see me shop
you would laugh
 I am fast
a fast shopper!
From antique booths to Goodwill
I scan booths & shelves like a robot
it's hilarious
I know exactly what catches my eye!
Some new treasures that caught my eye
in the shop.
So, it's hot and I mean HOT outside!
Which means I spend a lot of time creating.
Here are some kits I created
for the fiber fabric artists out there.

You can find them here

Now, I'm off to spend a little of my birthday cash!
Then, it's back in the studio
to work on my custom orders!
Much love to all of you
for stopping by!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

French Lace, Crowns & Jewels

The summer rain arrived last week
it poured and poured
*we needed it*
I loved creating hearing the rain outside, my soul was happy!
My mind is always leaning to the simple & romantic
 I created these 2 new necklaces
using vintage & new pieces
They are available in my shop

This gorgeous antique & vintage French lace 
mixed media fabric book
but here is a peek

and now for some CROWNS
 available in my shop 

Earlier in the month
I created these necklaces
which sold quickly
Please send me an email
if you want me to hold
something from my shop

As you can see, I've been creating away!
I'm getting ready to list some interesting
home decor!

Have a wonderful week everyone!