Tuesday, August 28, 2012

French Friday GiveAway Winner


I visited your blog and enjoyed it so much.

Please send me your address
 via my email on my sidebar
I will ship this giveaway to you!

Thanks to all who participated
remember I adore all of you.

xo Rhonda

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

White Wednesday & Shop Preview

I am squeezing in a White Wednesday post.
We've got a couple of family events to attend.
It will be a nice break from the daily routine.

I thought I'd preview what new items will be in my shop soon.

A newly created altered clipboard.

Pockets of my faux tintypes

Le French Vignettes

I have to be very careful what French words I use.
A good friend once informed me one of my pieces
had French words that were not so nice.
I laughed until my sides hurt when she told me what they meant.
SO now, I check first....until I learn French.

Shabby and tattered French Lace Books
Pretty French pages for your art.

Have a wonderful creative week!

Joining in with Kathleen of Faded Charm


Monday, August 20, 2012

A Faux Tintype Tutorial

At last, after numerous requests....
my faux tintype tutortial

Here is what you will need:
1. your images printed on cardstock
2. black cardstock
3. glue
4. Ranger's Glossy Accents
5. wax paper or freezer paper to work on
(trust me you will need it)

Keep your images together as large as possible.
It's easier to add the Glossy Accent to larger pieces.

Lay your freezer paper down (slick side up).
Slowly squeeze the Glossy Accents on your images
 and using your finger swipe the liquid downward.
Do Not Swirl. How you apply this - is how it dries.
Let dry for 1-3 hours.

Glue the dried images onto black cardstock.
Let this dry for 1 hour.

Carefully cut the images and you can allow the black cardstock to show on the edges.
Up to you.

Trim them as you like and you can make a charm
 by using a hole punch and a jumpring.

For your art, for adding to a wrapped gift...so many things you can do with these.
Take your time, do not rush.
Remember, mistakes are a part of the learning process.

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial.
Happy creating everyone!

Let me know how they turn out!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Salvage Treasures and a Preview

It was like Christmas Day to me!
I finally made it to a Sweet Salvage event.

This is what greeted you when you walked in.
I had not been this excited to treasure hunt since my Chicago days!
That chair on top of the table to right...well...I fell in love with it.
It did not go home with me but she will always be in my dreams.

This is my stash from Thursday night's party.

A beautiful chippy wrought iron stand.
For the garden or the home.
I love the way it looked against my shabby French sign at home.
I didn't blink an eye at the price.
Some things were meant to be.

and..all of this came home with me, too.

They don't call themselves Sweet Salvage for nothing!
It was sweet and if you love salvaged items, this is the place.

The designers set up the most incredible booths/displays.
I wish I had taken more photos but this gal was there to shop!


Here is a preview of what's been going on in my studio today.

Grabbing my French laces, fabric and tattered books....

Covering cover less paperbacks my way.

Finally using my French laces was so satisfying.
Hoarding them - storing them for what?
I say...pull it all out...get busy and use it!

This set had wonderful exposed bindings,
these two books were actually antique books, without covers.
I used my French ephemera on the fronts
and tied them up with French laces and French keys.

I'm off to dinner with my sweet adorable man.

I will be posting my first tutorial on Monday.
See you all then.

xo Rhonda

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Wednesday Dreams

I'm like most of you...a bit tired of this heat and summer.

I'm dreaming of a fall day to sit outside and smell the leaves.

In the meantime, my studio will have to suffice.
Creating and snapping photos fill my weekends and some evenings.

Mixing vintage finds with painted white finds and French fabric flowers.

A gorgeous shabby heavy wrought iron cross
given to me by a good friend on my birthday.

Hanging out with friends never gets old.

The ooh la la of finds
from Corey Amaro's French antique shop here
French religious medals that I bought to use in my art
but I just can't part with them yet.

And finally....
sharing a website that is free and fun to use
a photo editor site that alters your images in so many ways,
including collages. 

Happy White Wednesday Everyone!
I hope you enjoyed this little post of my desk shots.
You never know what will end up on my desk
but a mess sometimes is a perfect vignette.

Joining Kathleen at Faded Charm's White Wednesday

Until next time,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Quiet Saturday Post

It's a hot and quiet Saturday here in the desert.

I don't think our air conditioner has turned off once today.

I've been creating all day and I'm hoping to be listing soon.

I always make a few things for myself...painting old frames
and adding images that speak to me.

I might list a few in my shop.

Oh sweet Saturday.

Happiness lies in your own hand.

Hugs to all, Rhonda

Friday, August 3, 2012

French Friday GiveAway August

Bonjour mes amies!
This French Friday GiveAway 
will surely spark some interest, non?

A romantic silver plated petite tray
filled with vintage rhinestone buttons, 
a religious medal from France,
a ribbon necklace with a Mary charm,
soft white and cream vintage buttons,
vintage lace,
crinkled white seam binding,
rhinestone hat pins,
and one of my petite flower wreaths.

This is my thanks for your continued support!

You must be a follower to win.

Just leave a comment you are interested, that's it.

Mary image is copied from my original French prayer card.

A sweet vignette as is
soft white supplies for your next project.

Winning name will be announced on 
August 28th!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Keepin' it French

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

White Wednesday and a Birthday Chandi

My birthday last week was looking low key.
The man of the house was out of town on a business trip.
No biggie, I'm a big girl, I can spend my birthday alone.

But every night while he was away, he would call me,
ask what room of the house I was in,
then send me on a treasure hunt.

He had hidden small presents for me open around our home.
Awe...what a guy!

He also hid a BIG box in his office and my beloved shabby chandi was in it!!
I have wanted one forever and now it's hanging in my studio.
I haven't added the candles yet because I like it the way it is, for now.

I did take the day off work for my birthday and what a full day it was.
Antique shopping and lunch with two good friends.

Then home to play in my studio for the rest of the day! 

I tried some new photo shots with my antique French fabric flowers.

I created a few lace pocket holders.

More friends stopped over...you girls are so nice - you know who you are.
(more on those sweet presents later)

Merci to the man of the house, family and friends for making me feel like a queen!

Sharing with Kathleen of Faded Charm
for White Wednesday

xo Rhonda