Friday, August 31, 2018

Sharing A Bit of This & That

going through my supplies
ends up
like this
little tray
or this
petite tray
unique creations
*I'm seeing a pattern here*
Nonetheless, if you need pieces like these
they are now in my shop 
I will be adding all kinds of kits
as these sell out pretty quickly

I hope everyone has a wonderful
Labor Day Holiday

Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kits Kits and more Kits

 In my studio closet
I have drawers & drawers
vintage trims & laces
I've collected through the years
they sure do come in handy
when I'm creating
 While I organize over & over again
I keep a special drawer
for creating inspiration kits
for others
It's sharing what I have so much of....
bits & bobs
buttons & trims
All collected in harmony
to give each piece
a chance to become
part of something 
created by
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Petite Mixed Media Books

Creating with paper
planning out each page
antique French book pages
heading to destruction
saved by art
this petite book project
forced me into more organizing
paper, scraps, ephemera
all organized now
quietly creating
available in my shop
people often ask me
where did I get my blog name?
the truth is,
it was easy
I have a French friend in Chicago,
who spoke French to me,
gifted me with family laces & fabrics
She brought Pastis to our book club meeting
introduced us all to her culture
what is not to like?
back then I was always dreaming of a trip to France
I incorporated a little bit of France in my life
many many years later
when Google announced 
Blogger was free, I was in!
my co-worker in her office across from mine,
hey Rhonda, Blogger is free,
me, awesome, what should I name my blog,
A Little Bit French?

-the rest is history-

Sunday, August 5, 2018

In the Studio with A Little Bit French

It has been a busy couple of weeks
in the studio
When you live in the desert,
you learn to adjust to the heat.
This is my studio time.
I probably spend more time in my studio
during the summer months.
I do not venture out as much.
When your car says 115 degrees,
you rush to the cool comfort of home.
I spent a lot of time creating these mini books.
It was time well spent,
I truly enjoyed the process.
These 3 mini books will be in my shop soon.
 these are just a few of the pages
 I surrounded myself with bits of ephemera,
bits of trims,
bits of scraps,
bits of fabric,
and it all came together
I did add more fabric kits to my shop

Jeanne d'Arc Living Frame
double sided
I also added 
2 mini tins
with religious themed
punched images

So glad you could stop by!
I was thinking about a giveaway, 
anyone interested?