Sunday, August 5, 2018

In the Studio with A Little Bit French

It has been a busy couple of weeks
in the studio
When you live in the desert,
you learn to adjust to the heat.
This is my studio time.
I probably spend more time in my studio
during the summer months.
I do not venture out as much.
When your car says 115 degrees,
you rush to the cool comfort of home.
I spent a lot of time creating these mini books.
It was time well spent,
I truly enjoyed the process.
These 3 mini books will be in my shop soon.
 these are just a few of the pages
 I surrounded myself with bits of ephemera,
bits of trims,
bits of scraps,
bits of fabric,
and it all came together
I did add more fabric kits to my shop

Jeanne d'Arc Living Frame
double sided
I also added 
2 mini tins
with religious themed
punched images

So glad you could stop by!
I was thinking about a giveaway, 
anyone interested?


  1. Rhonda your treasures made are always so pretty. So happy you are creating on those hot AZ days.
    Have a great start to the new week.

  2. Your creations are always so pretty. I look forward to seeing them. 115 ouch, I wouldn't be out of the air conditioning either.

    Enjoy creating. Happy Monday


  3. Good morning Rhonda! As always, your photos intrigue me, your delights inspire. I have many of your gifts on my desk in my studio, and just looking at them brings me immense joy. Oh that heat you have to contend with.....ya know, I don't mind the cold so much but the extreme heat is rough to take. Stay safe my dear!

  4. Oh Rhonda, I just got home to read your comment; I LOVE your idea of a "file" for "I don't understand some people." I totally agree with literally filing away these moronic and impulsive insults in a literal place so I can organize what is wrong and what is right. And you are correct; there was a time when blogging was fresh, fun and such a place to connect with like-minded friends. The world is spinning too fast and humans are just not ready to go this fast. Thank you so much for your support. Love to you!!!

  5. Once again, a published book?? somebody out there must be hearing my cry...

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I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French