Friday, July 27, 2018

What Catches Your Eye?

 If you could see me shop
you would laugh
 I am fast
a fast shopper!
From antique booths to Goodwill
I scan booths & shelves like a robot
it's hilarious
I know exactly what catches my eye!
Some new treasures that caught my eye
in the shop.
So, it's hot and I mean HOT outside!
Which means I spend a lot of time creating.
Here are some kits I created
for the fiber fabric artists out there.

You can find them here

Now, I'm off to spend a little of my birthday cash!
Then, it's back in the studio
to work on my custom orders!
Much love to all of you
for stopping by!


  1. I am the same way Rhonda. I like to go quickly through rows and wait to see what catches my eye. A lot of times I will go back through again to see if I missed a treasure somewhere. Happy Weekend.

  2. Happy birthday Rhonda, and I'm like you. When I go out, I'm on a mission. I go FAST and I most of the time, I know what I'm looking for and oddly enough, I find it. Sometimes, I just scan and then it hits me! Going out today to do the same!

  3. Oh I so understand about the hunting but I'm often torn between creating and hunting! Creating is winning over more these days!
    I love your sweet silver plated pot and I also have a small collection of these! Your kits are fab and love the way you have packed them in their boxes. I bet the flew out of your shop!
    Thanks for sending my sweet order. Will let you know when it arrives dear!
    Suzy xox

  4. You know I'm a speed shopper also when by myself, I can tell if I booth will have something of my liking.
    Nothing like having birthday money to spend. Happy belated since I missed it ?
    Love your lace project box

  5. Birthday?? Happy Birthday!
    The ‘Scan’ technique perfected from garage sale days....we would “call it” before we ever left the car simetimes! hehhe
    Silver, Candlesticks, Wicker Baskets, Great Lamps, Crystal, Old Canvases.....


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Rhonda of A Little Bit French