Thursday, January 21, 2021

Moving at your own pace

I am just moving at my own pace
refusing boredom and tears
there's simply too much to do in my life

Each day choose to bring some 
happy into your life

Every day it's something else
could be health
could be news
could be changes in your life

I vow to make something good each day
even if it's seeing beauty in the tiniest detail

There sure is a lot of change going on
so, why not meet it head on smiling

I decided long ago to collect and enjoy small pleasures!
If you don't have a hobby or outlet
life can get stale.

 Move at your own pace

Be safe out there

Friday, January 1, 2021

Welcoming a New Year

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays!
Staying home has become the norm
Hanging out in my studio was always normal
Mixing it up to create in a different way....

With everything changing around us,
we must find that place that grounds us,
keeping us centered

I sure hope you've found that place,

as this year will probably start out rocky

but hopefully smooth out

Let's all hope