Thursday, February 17, 2022

Spreading Happiness

Some people just know how to spread happiness 
Angie is one of them and a talented one at that!
I received 4 wonderful bundles from Angie
I created two short videos
as I opened each bundle
You can search
on YouTube
Part 1 Angie Happy Mail RP
Part 2 Angie Happy Mail RP
to find the videos and my channel
this was NEW TERRITORY for me!
I love taking photos,
but a video?
I was a bit anxious but I did it!!!
To see what Angie gifted me,
you will have to watch the videos!
creating away for a pop up sale on Instagram
Making kits, bundles, a journal & tiny tiny books
to go in the kits
Enjoying the time
spent creating
hoping that you are, as well
Some bezels and a card with antique French lace
from Angie!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

February Fun

I'm not going to lie....
I want to take everything out of my craft closet
and start over!

Here is why....
found these beauties while
digging around in the craft closet
I started creating with them immediately!
We shall see if cleaning out the closet happens
this month

In the meantime,
I am enjoying my new slow pace
of creating
finally using what I've saved / hoarded
in my paper files
creating in numbers
gives you extra to tuck in journals
or kits
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for more weekly posts!

Thanks for stopping by!