Friday, November 30, 2012

November French Friday GiveAway Winners

Congratulations go to.......

Liz of Lululiz in la la land Blog - Woo Hoo Liz!!!
Shirley of Simply-Chateau Blog - Sweet Shirley!!!
Alexandra Eitel of Cottage Dreams Blog !!!

I was so excited choosing the winning random number generator numbers.
When it chooses people I chat with it, it tickles me a bit.
First one to email me which bundle they want - gets it.
First come first serve, as they say.
So, email me ladies and your package will be on it's way.

4 states and 4 planes later....
What an incredible Thanksgiving I had, flying with a friend,
back to our parent's homes for a short vacation.

I'm just now catching up, wrapping up orders
and with a new giveaway for December in the works.

(image via Pinterest)

The man of the house was NOT supposed to be putting up
Christmas decorations outside, on a ladder, without me.
Hmmm...but he did and they are beautiful.
(image via Pinterest)

Christmas is right around the corner and I'm lovin' it!!!
I promise my next post will include
 all my incredible treasure finds from this last trip.
(image via Pinterest)

I am waiting on my shipped box to be delivered.

Here are a few pieces I am getting ready to list soon.

and this 2nd scapular book sold very quickly!
I'm listing the last one later tonight.

Much love, Rhonda

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day

Enjoying some quality family time
this Thanksgiving Holiday.
Wishing you all the best Thanksgiving!

xo Rhonda

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sweet French Friday

As I opened my mail yesterday
....there it was...
the coveted French Fabric Flower Wreath.

All the way from France
 via Simone
Her online shop is wonderful and full of French treasures.
Other packages had arrived and as I slowly laid everything out....

it occured to me,
perhaps they had found their way home.
 Romantic and Rusty
Not sitting in a box
but admired once again.
I believe I will just admire them as they are for a few more days.
 Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead.
Be happy - Be content
most of all Be yourself.

Cheers, Rhonda

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Handmade with Love A Scapular Book

It's no secret I adore antique and vintage religious tresors, like the one above.
Not only are they displayed in my home,
they inspire me so much.

I created this very personal fabric book
because of my love for scapulars.

When you collect antique laces and fabrics,
it doesn't take much time to pull it all together.

However, this little 2.5 x 2.5 inch fabric book took hours to create.

Smaller creations are very tedious and time consuming
but so worth it!

If you enjoy the little things in life
and I do so very much,
you will like this petite book.

I hand stitched some pages and machine sewed the rest.

Pulling out the vintage, the worn, the tarnished pieces.

Keeping the tattered appearance and distressed look 
of a well loved antique piece.

Made with love,
made from the heart.

Religious beliefs are very personal.
What pleases the eye is very personal.
I find these little creations very personal 
and they will be in my blog shop only.
I will list 3 this month.

I hope something beautiful and heartwarming
touches you today, wherever you may be.

xo Rhonda

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Shabby Petite Cabinet

November is a great month to start venturing out for lunch.
I work full time and my lunch hour is usually spent
catching up with blogs or creating a bit at my desk.
So, when I found a thrift store so close to my office,
I quickly pulled in and started hunting.
I found this sweet shabby cabinet for $8.00.
I quickly filled it up with my favorites.
Petite Cabinet Love
Now it can be displayed anywhere in the house, it's small and will fit.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, I know I am.
We are busy getting ready for a family visit
and since our guest room has slowly become a collection room, sigh, 
it's purging time. Wish me luck.

Soon in my shop....

Cheers, Rhonda

Friday, November 2, 2012

French Friday GiveAway November

Sweet Inspiration Bundles
on a
French Friday GiveAway

This month's French Friday GiveAway
are 3 Inspiration Bundles
for 3 lucky winners.

I adore bundles, any bundle will do.
Tie it up and I cannot resist.
I love creating them and I always hope my customer's are inspired
when they purchase them from my shop.

3 winners will be chosen this month.
First come first serve,
meaning, first winner that contacts me
gets to choose which bundle she wants.

Religious Theme

La French Theme

Vintage Women & Children Theme
All 3 bundles are different...
but all include cardstock pages,
images, crocheted lace & starter boards.

All tied up for YOU.
My gift to my followers who help make this blog what it is.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leave as many comments as you want.
I use the random number generator
to choose the winners.

Winning names to be announced on 
November 30th.

Get your glue and scissors ready,
a bundle may be coming your way!!

xo Rhonda

This event is closed.