Thursday, May 30, 2013

Divine Love

My hands were very busy this past weekend.
I pulled out all of my lockets and images and created away.
My soul is constantly searching for a quiet moment
Quiet moments to reflect, dream and create
For some reason, creating these lockets, I was very peaceful
I only wish I had 3 days off in a row to just create more often
Life doesn't play out that way.
I could go on and on about lack of time but you already know that story.
A look at my latest creations - enjoy
Divine Love Lockets

Some with French messages
Pendants and Necklaces
I hope you find some quiet and peaceful moments this week.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Winner of French Friday Giveaway for May

Because we gather here to share 
our common love of vintage and French

I am able to keep this blog filled
with creations, treasure hunt finds,
while making friendships.
This is my way of thanking you for being "there".
Merci from the bottom of my heart.
It is truly hard to ask the number generator to choose just one!
But, one it let's all congratulate the winner. 
Hint: her name is on the purse.
Congratulations Dore
(such a gorgeous blog)
Number 51 was chosen and you were the 51st comment.
Sweet - now you get to go shopping!
A Little Bit French
All of these are currently available in my shops

Dore, email me your selection(s) from my shops
and I will wrap it all up for you.

Many thanks to all who left comments.
Hello to all my new followers!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

La Shoppe La Inspiration

The Blue Pear shop, I dream of shops like this.
You know those shops you walk in and think "I'm home".
Yes, I did bring that pillow home.
My trip to Chicagoland was full of treasure hunting.
This was a city square filled with antiques, shops and cafes.
Treasures everywhere and it brings a tear to my eye what I left behind.
This is a meant to be story.
My cousin was coming up the stairs in one antique store,
just as I was ready to go down the stairs.
I thought there wasn't anything I wanted on that floor.
I decided to give it one more round and saw this on the wall.
So glad my cousin came up those stairs
or I would have missed it.
Speaking of my cousin,
she brought a box of vintage goodies that day.
We shopped even before we left the house.
Some of the gorgeous pieces from that box, shops and flea markets.
Merci, cousin, you always share the most beautiful treasures.

I did not get to bring it all home with me.
Mom will be shipping a box to me soon.
I promise to share, once again, 
more of the wonderful treasures I found.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jeanne d'Arc Living

Why is it some decisions take forever
and other decisions, 
there is absolutely no hesitation at all?
Perhaps it's fear of the unknown that causes us to hesitate
and excitement that causes us to say I'm doing this.
I cannot describe the excitement of this decision.
Jeanne d'Arc Living contacted me and asked me if I would
 consider becoming a retailer and sell their products/magazines in my shop.
It took me some time to decide
but after careful consideration, 
I placed my first order.
Soon to be in my shop
the beautiful and French Nordic style of

My trip home to Chicago was amazing.
I will have more pictures in another post real soon.
Here are a few quick shots of some
 of the treasures found during our hunts.

The Blue Pear was one incredible shop.
I promise to share more soon.
My head is still in the clouds.

Friday, May 3, 2013

French Friday Giveaway

This giveaway is officially closed.
Winning name has been announced.

It's A French Friday Giveaway

This month's giveaway is.......wait for it.....

Winning name will be announced
Friday, May 24th
My shops will be filled with all kinds of treasures by then.
Seriously, isn't it your turn to win already?