Friday, June 28, 2013

French Friday Giveaway Winner & A Bit More

Congratulations to Pam
Your number was chosen
and this giveaway is all yours!
As soon as you send me an email with your address, 
I will wrap this papier package up for you
and mail it your way!
Merci to all who left a comment
and continue to follow me on this journey.
 I've been mixing it up with vintage brass & vintage images.
I've learned how to speed up the tarnished look.
 These small lockets have the perfect patina that I love.
Tarnished and well loved.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Whisper of Wishes

When you are all alone and enjoying a peek at Pinterest or Etsy,
 do you ever softly whisper secret wishes?
Let's face it, we are exposed to a lot of images daily.
Sorting it all out in our heads, pin it, buy it, 
add to our favorites, or simply enjoy it.
We cannot stop looking, I mean, we might miss something, right? 
All images are from my studio.
This is my way of whispering to you, enjoy this moment.
Linking up with Becky and company
of Timewashed 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Summer Blissful White Wednesday

Summer is around the corner
and summer is the reason I created my studio.
This past weekend I was able to create a few altered paperback books, 
soon to be in my Etsy shop.
What better way to escape this heat.
I was pulling out all of my saved crocheted pieces for these books.
It was time to let them go...sniff sniff...a wiping of a tear...moving on...
I also painted a few wire racks from Jeanne d'Arc Living
A shabby white Jeanne d'Arc Living Rack
It seems rhinestone magnets go well with them.
More found crocheted pieces turned into this...
A newly created scapular book, tied up with ribbon.
I'd say I'm ready for the heat this year.
I have so many plans for projects that are lining up. 
While pulling out some fabric, there was this bride veil
that I hung around my dress form. 
Creating a soft and magical effect on light that was coming in the window.
It just makes me happy, doesn't take much.
Enjoy the Blissful White Wednesday gathering
Becky's Timewashed.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Father's Daughter

Never do I feel more like my Father 
than when I'm creating.
He restored antique clocks in his spare time.
He also created with wood, making furniture,
ornate candlesticks and grandfather clocks.
Our home was always abuzz.
Most of all, I adored his artistic side.
 Turning our vacation jaunts to California and Mexico
into treasure hunts to bring home.
Pottery, driftwood, rocks and salvaged finds to bring home, 
for him to create with.
How our parents influenced us, sometimes isn't realized until we are older.
Both of my parents loved to decorate and create.
For that I am truly grateful.
When I look around my studio,
I see my Father
I see my Mother
We are all here.
But today,
I am my Father's Daughter.

Happy Father's Day Dad.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

La Papier French Friday Giveaway

Bonjour on this La Papier French Friday Giveaway!
Let's see what we have this month.....
Papier Papier Papier

Papier is my all time favorite medium.
This month's giveaway is all papier, lace and ribbon.
Starting with these handmade, by moi, tag books.
French ephemera with French themed bundles
Tags tied up with gorgeous French Gray Ribbon
A few hand stamped French tags
Leave a comment that you are interested,
that is all you have to do!
A paper lover will love this giveaway
A nice collection of papier to have on hand
This winning papier bundle also includes two pockets for storing all these tags.
I also want to announce I will be holding 
my French Friday Giveaways every two months from now on.
The next giveaway will be the first Friday in August.
This decision came forth due to so many summer plans.
I know you look forward to them monthly,
so hopefully after summer passes, I can continue that schedule.
A wonderful giveaway to inspire you to create with a French theme.
Winning number will be chosen on June 28th!!
As usual, you must be a follower to win
you must contact me after your name has been announced.
Good Luck and Happy Weekend Everyone!
Hello to all my new followers!

Friday, June 7, 2013

French Friday Giveaway Delay

Uh Oh!
I arrived home yesterday to water pouring out of my garage.
We had a pipe burst in our downstairs bathroom.
Needless to say, we had to clean it all up
French Friday Giveaway will be delayed one day.
(a bit of a peek at what's in store)
See you all on Saturday!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Blissful White Wednesday

 Sharing a peek at a few packages that went out this week to customers.
This recent find sent me over the moon! 
An old postcard with Saint Catherine, very rare.
 Jeanne d'Arc Living clips with my bundles.
 I'm still creating using my gem tintypes.
 And as I recently shared with Becky,
my love for a faded gray has grown to all out obsession.
 My desktop is loaded with kinds of white treasures.
Oh, these sweet French ladies wanted to say Bonjour!
Enjoy all the Blissful White Wednesday links
Merci to Becky for hosting such a wonderful event.