Saturday, July 27, 2013

Creating a French Space

When I laid eyes on this simple garden settee/bench,
I knew I would be painting her white.
My patio was in need of extra seating and this settee was perfect.
I love how it wraps around on both ends.
Weather permitting, this is where I take pictures, on this table.
I wanted this space to be somewhere I could relax.
At least until the next storm rolls in.
Then I will have to grab everything,
unless I want them in the neighbors yard.
Various shades of stone and textures. 
My stone bowl - a thrift store find.
Doesn't it feel good to be in the right place at the right time?
Thrift stores are like that for me.
My French settee is from yesterday's antiquing jaunt.
More on that later.
Having a great weekend and I hope you are as well.
A special hello to all my new followers!
So glad you stopped by and I will be visiting you soon!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Shade of French Grey

I have always loved grey, all shades of grey.
So when the Fedex truck pulled up this Saturday morning
and my Curious Sofa chippy grey risers arrived,
I simply knew I had to try my hand at dying grey.
I never knew how easy this technique was.
I boiled the water,
I collected the fabric, laces and crocheted pieces,
I added the powder Rit dye, stirred in my pieces and viola!
As I dried each piece outside in the morning sun,
I watched them as they turned color in the summer breeze.
Each piece turned out differently than the next.
It's like an experiment in color
happening before your very eyes.
All various shades of grey or gray
(actually, both spellings are correct)
Stepping out of my comfort zone of white and beige.
I call these pieces French Grey.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Path to Creativity

 If you follow blogs
then you know that everyone's path to creativity is different.
 A co-worker and friend created the most beautiful cards.
One embellishment from a card had me Googling (is that a word?)
 where she might have bought the embellishment.
 I stumbled upon Etsy and the rest is history.
 It takes a long time to actually find what exactly you want to create.
I'm like most women and I go off in so many different directions
with the high hopes of being able to create whatever I want.
 Well, we all know that is not always so easy to do.
So, I will leave the soldering and crocheting to others.
(I cannot do either very well, no matter how hard I try)
You have to find a medium that suits you.
After all, who else enjoys cutting French words
 out of book pages with tiny scissors?
You will find me in my studio most weekends
 tinkering with my jewelry findings or sewing with thread all over me.
I will admit, some pieces take longer than others
but the joy is in the finished treasure.
Find your path and start creating 
and perhaps it will help light your way in life.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

Bonjour Mes Amies!
Welcome to my studio
A Little Bit French
 is created
From organized cubbies and drawers to a shabby table to work on
  My studio keeps changing with my needs  
 ❃ My chandi and dress form are my favorite pieces in here 
Below, I've talked about painting my desk for years....
one day soon, I will.
   All of my collections - some are used as props in my pictures  
My studio is packed with treasures, supplies
 and gifts from friends
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my studio.
Most days it is crazy messy in here
but that means I'm creating and that equals "happy".
Please enjoy your visit of all the wonderful studios
for the
Blog Party