Thursday, September 26, 2013

Grey Dey Thursdey in my Studio

 On this Grey Dey Thursdey
I am surrounding myself with soothing greys
Greige is grey with a hint of beige

I hope you've enjoyed this 
as I link up with Petite Michelle Louise and friends.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ocean Kisses

As I unpack my seashore finds from our trip
 to Connecticut & Massachusetts,
I can still hear the ocean lapping at the shore that sunny day.
We walked and talked for hours as we strolled the beach.
 The faded grey wood of the east coast is so soothing to me.
Collecting shells, rocks and driftwood on the shore
with the one you love is tres romantic.
Gifts from the sea
I wrapped antique lace around a piece of driftwood 
for my studio as soon as I got home.
A romantic engraving surrounded by romantic found treasures of the sea.
I hope you find inspiration today.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

When Bloggers Meet

When bloggers meet - it can make others wonder what is going on.
Meeting up with Michelle of Petite Michelle Louise.

We met under a small red & white tent at Brimfield.
We screamed, hugged and screamed some more!
Michelle looked at my black travel bag and said
"that bag isn't big enough"

She was right!

 Next time, I will bring a huge canvas bag, Michelle, I promise.
Yep, that's me holding in a laugh in both pictures.
I could not stop SMILING.
Treasure hunting with Michelle was like a dream come true.
A tent full of chandeliers and crystals!
Michelle had scoped out all the treasures before I got there.
What a treasure she is!
I often wondered what it would be like to treasure hunt with Michelle.
Now I know!
We walked up on these French Marque letters - gasped and each bought one.
Most of the time Michelle was finding treasures and saying
"Oh Rhonda, look at this!" 
These are just "some" of my treasures from that beautiful New England day. 
 A special MERCI to Claire and Michelle for all of these gorgeous
religious treasures they kept hidden for me until I got there.
Michelle did not come empty handed.
Perfect greys and heartfelt gifts.
Meeting a blogging friend is the most incredible experience.
You already know you are kindred spirits.
You've emailed, spoken on the phone, text'd (especially during hockey playoffs).
You've even shared life's experiences
 but you've haven't met face to face.
Please, if you ever get the chance to meet a blogging friend, DO IT.
This summer I was blessed to meet Amy of Vintage Marketplace and Michelle.
I am one happy blogger!
Adore you gals!