Friday, May 29, 2015

The Joy of Collecting

 Often my dresser top has collected all different pieces
for that moment, I get to enjoy them
(grab my camera)

Not in a drawer

Not put away

 Don't hide your timeless pieces
Leave a few out and enjoy them

Not only will you have a feast your eyes
you will tickle your senses

Saturday, May 23, 2015

In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye....
these cool days and soft rains
will all be gone
Keeping our windows open for the breezes,
will soon be a faded memory
I'm truly not an outdoor type of gal....
I don't go camping
I don't hang around outside very much, I never did.
I'm a true city gal, a walk in the park is fine by me.
But who can resist these fabulous days of cool mornings
not spend time in the yard?
I've created a shabby garden area just for me
I'm hoping the spiders and bugs hate the smell of lavender.
Because I'm that gal who bees and mosquitoes just love.
Sending me back indoors.
In a blink of an eye summer will be here
hopefully that creative muse will return.
For right now, it's flowers, cook outs and wine on the deck!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I just love this picture of my Mother.
Her sweet smile and her sweet face
melt my heart.
We live about 5 states away from each other
but it feels like further than that.
I will be seeing you in July, Mom!! 
I hope all of you are enjoying your special day
are surrounded by those you love.
A peek at some new treasures...

In my Etsy shop
I will be listing more treasures through the week.