Sunday, October 18, 2015

the Mystery Box

 Yesterday in my studio
I found a box
 a box stored away 
unfinished projects...sigh
not again, I thought
 so...while the man of the house
was watching college football last night...
 I decided to finish these little projects
 I just love finding forgotten treasures,
even though they are treasures I will be parting with
 soon in my Etsy shop
the mystery box was empty
my story of shoved out the way projects was told
a little box was found at the right time
I had such pleasure
adding a little bit here
a little bit there

Friday, October 9, 2015

French Friday Giveaway Winner & Studio Styling

Please email me your address
your shabby wire frame 
will be on it's way to you

Studio Styling
Have you ever had one of those days
where you remove everything 
out of a room 
"start over"
I recently removed as much as I could
from my filled to the max studio
I am always needing more space 
to photograph for my shop
the need to have a flow as I worked
I'm slowly getting there
as I move decor around
from room to room
a much cluttered dresser top
is now more appealing
As you will see 
from time to time
a corner here
a dresser top there
I will keep my French collections in better view
As I rotate collections and decor,
some collections are tucked away for another time
when it's completely finished
I will have the GRAND VIEWING

Friday, October 2, 2015

French Friday Giveaway October

At an antiques / vintage flea market
(a few years back)
I snagged the most wonderful 
chippy window frame / chicken wire memo board
I received a lot of comments on it
decided to create some of my own 
 This month's giveaway is one of these smaller versions
 Perfect for earrings & small collections
 Leave a comment
 that you are interested in this giveaway
I will add your name to the hat!
Winner to be announced
Friday, October 9th

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend everyone
thank you for stopping by!