Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After....

The day after Thanksgiving...
hope you had a fabulous holiday!
a lot of us are decorating for Christmas
some are shopping until they drop
 new in my etsy shop
where there is a 15% discount coupon at check out
simply type in the coupon box
it feels like Christmas in my studio
we do not pull out the Christmas tree 
until December 1st
I've started to "collect" antique / vintage nativity pieces
 Soon my vintage Christmas
will flow into the rest of our home
for now, I just love admiring them
in my studio for a few more days

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Random Sunday

 These past 2 weeks have flown by so fast!
I have been creating as much as I can
to list in my shop prior to December 1st
- I will be closing up shop December 1st -
 - we have a small wedding, parties and celebrations to enjoy in December -
 This is the first year I've worked this early and fast to get it all done.
It seems too early to be posting about Christmas ornaments and gifts!
 One good news is that December 4th
will be
French Friday Giveaway
 If you are looking for vintage / tarnished / jewelry / ornaments
you've come to the right place
Please stop by my Etsy shop and browse
I haven't forgotten Thanksgiving
Not at all
Planning our table setting as we speak!
I also haven't for one second, 
since the Paris attacks,
forgotten how precious life is

Love to all of you

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Decorator's Tip

Years ago a stylist / decorator friend in Chicago once told me:
"You must rotate your home decor"
Whether it be a lamp, mirror, vase or a table
it might look better somewhere else in your home
or stored away for another day
We have to admit it, we have so much decor we love,
it makes sense to display for a time
rotate your decor
Because our weather is more sun than rain,
I am able to use furniture from our patio.
I've been known to pull a table off the patio
for inside our home.

I've been known to pull a wrought iron bench
off the patio for my studio.
I move furniture around so much
 it is great to use what you already have!
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