Thursday, June 23, 2016

Good for the Soul

 A little creative inspiration
good for the soul
as I continue to organize my studio,
I find more and more vintage pieces to share
Hoping to send  a little creativeness your way
some vintage millinery
in the shop
Thanks for visiting today!


  1. OH RHONDA! Those vintage violets! I must have them! I will email you. Anita

    1. Merci, mon amie! Oui, the flowers will be yours!

  2. Everything is always so beautiful in your photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. BTW, are you going to participate in Karen Valentine's My Desert Cottage WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE party in July? I'd love to see your studio setup. I plan to participate again this year and just need to do more organizing in my photo studio (which is a sunroom that doubles as an office and play space for art stuff.

    It's been very hot up here in Flagstaff made all the worse because most homes don't have A/C. But so far, most nights are still dry and cool. Wishing for the monsoons to start soon. I know it's hot in Scottsdale. I won't be making trips south until winter.

    1. Oh Marrianna, so so good to hear from you. I know, it's so hot here in the valley but we get things done early in the mornings and stay in the rest of the hot day. Sure beats winters back East.

      Yes, I will be participating in Karen's Blog Party. I need to tell everyone and get busy. So many changes happening to my studio, even last night I was moving furniture around.

      Stay cool up in Flagstaff!!!

  3. As always so beautiful pictures. I love your vintage flowers very much

    Have a lovely weekend dear <3

    Love Lone

  4. it's ALWAYS good for my soul when I visit you here mon amie. serenely beautiful images....sigh.

  5. Soulful indeed, love what you have inspired soulfully Rhonda.
    Love the Velvet boquet, I love vintage velvet and cotton florals so much creativity to create from.
    See you and your wonderments soon.
    I am back to creating this week and it feels perfect.


  6. I love vintage millinery, and beautiful creations using old and new goodies, dear Rhonda !!Always so good to visit you, my friend !!
    Love from Dorthe

  7. Rhonda, i love your vintage photos. So nice and romantic.

    Nice day to you

  8. So pretty. I love the vintage milliner flowers Gorgeous color.
    Let's Add Sprinkles


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French