Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Treasure Finding Summer

 Oh, it was a great treasure finding summer
I went junkin' and hunting 
every chance I could 
from thrift stores to antique malls
gettin' was good

I cleaned up my studio 
for the annual blog party
"Where Bloggers Create"
that didn't stop me from looking for furniture!
I was simply tired of uncomfortable
mismatched furniture
it was what I had at the moment!
I'm in constant motion
to style any spot 
in our home 

so if you don't recognize my studio
in the near future...
I've simply found
 that "next thing" 
I've been dreaming of
the one piece that will never leave my studio
my dress form from Paris
While in the studio....
 I even found time to create this summer

a sharing of vintage whites
 I know summer isn't quite over yet
it's that time of year
when cooler weather is near
I hope you've enjoyed my summer re-cap!
Off to another adventure!


  1. Bonjour Rhonda! I too have been changing out furniture, getting my hands on some great French pieces lately! I love your pink settee! And my studio is on the cover of Romantic Country Living magazine this month!!!

    1. Thank you Anita! The settee is not pink bit linen, I realize the picture does make it appear pink. Congrats on the cover of Romantic Home magazine! I am going to buy that issue! How wonderful!

    2. Thank you Anita! The settee is not pink bit linen, I realize the picture does make it appear pink. Congrats on the cover of Romantic Home magazine! I am going to buy that issue! How wonderful!

  2. Lovly blog you have Rhonda.
    I just love your photos.

    Nice day

  3. Yes, you have been busy! Your staging and dedication to "pretty french" keeps me inspired and hungry fir the next creative idea!!! Currently moving into my new space and trying to focus on a new organized layout! Now there is MY goal! Thanks for the beauty....

  4. Beautiful pictures. You are so good at decorationg. I would love to have You decorating my House 😉
    I wish You a lovely day dear Rhonda 💕

    Love Lone

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    Love your authentic self, I too am always wide open for change and often feel the urge to do so for no other reason then how it inspires my mood in creating, and I am sure you often feel this same inspiring mood.
    Love your whites to neutrals in your French decor. The linen tufted sette is a charming piece for your home studio, what's a studio without a grand piece that inspires all the Frenchness a room of creating calls for. The added pillows layer it with comfort.
    It's so hard in my small cottage to really move things about so if something new comes in, something old goes out....I am trying to work on my indoor studio and change it up to a small reading room / guest room, a French day bed, and surround with all the comforts of a rural French home. I want to have a get away room that we could sleep in there for a change of rest, and a room that welcomes some of our single girl friends to stay the night when they visit from the beach cities.

    Yes I always wanted to add a great French dress form to my space and had a wire one for awhile, your is a beauty and I see it as a statement piece that must stay, it's apart of how you create.
    Looking forward to the holidays here with you and what you inspire.


  6. Rhonda,
    Everything is so beautiful! i love your cards on the clip garland, and your new divan, elle est tres belle! Your bezels and picture frames and necklaces with pictures of saints in them, and I love the bling added to your piece of metal art on the wall! its all so calming and peaceful!

  7. What a beautiful blog post, dear Rhonda, I have missed visiting you here so much. Your photos always make me so happy, they just ooze gentleness and serenity. Your studio is a haven.

  8. Just beautiful!
    I adore these photos!

    Have a lovely October!

  9. Dearest Rhonda, thank you for stopping by my blog! The magazine looks lovely and I'm very happy about it. Have a super week!


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