Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Collected in Harmony

Sometimes there are no words
a peaceful surrounding
Keeping in a neutral theme
throughout my home
Void of color
does not mean
void of emotion
comes to my mind
Try to compliment
your surroundings
collected in harmony
one another


  1. Harmonious, calm and peaceful evoking a sense of spirituality!
    Thank you for your gorgeous creations and images,
    Suzy xox

  2. Everything looks so delightful and charming. Wonderful displays and artwork.

  3. always serenely beautiful...what a gorgeous "haven" you have created for yourself. adore!

  4. Rhonda,

    You know I love your work, but today it wasn't just your work that touched me, it was your words too. I think I haven't been being true to my heart and soul, I think I need to go with a more neutral palette to be who I really am. Thank you for touching me in a very special way today🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. So beautiful pictures and lovely words. I really like your blog a lot. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

    Love Lone

  6. Hello dearest Rhonda! I came here yesterday but was unable to enter. I love seeing your soft, white, vintage world!

  7. Yes my dear, a home with harmony sure can inspire the soul....I am sure you look around your home and get busy creating like I do. A peaceful calm comes over me to create in my home that harmoniously allows me to lose myself in a quiet thought to as what I am working on.
    I can see this effect happening to you as well, I hear every word you are saying for a void of color? When the tones are a mix of pales that to me is not a void of color, I see every detail in each white, and it's off whites to its white grey's. You have accomplished that void soulfully and seamlessly. Surrounding yourself with all the right kind of rightness.

    Perhaps a bit of brown will make it into my home this season, I still feel it's a void of colour in all its French rural-ness!!

    Love your salvage turned art. Those garden spears are divine.

    An inspiring weekend without without fear of lack of color.


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French