Saturday, January 14, 2017

Preview of New Studio Design

New Years Day found me organizing
my studio once again
New ideas
plans for the studio
all swimming around in my head
I've been collecting
on my treasure hunts
a lot and I mean a lot
home decor
mostly vintage and some not vintage
Feeling so happy that I find some many good pieces
most of it does get displayed in our home
some of it makes it's way to my Etsy shop
organizing it all
is maddening!

My studio is where I want to find calm
not messy crazy piles of decor!

I have finally organized my studio
to where I can find what I am looking for
and it is
a space to relax in
have coffee in
talk on the phone in
create in
this is just one corner
more reveal coming soon!


  1. Oh Rhonda it looks beautiful the little corner shot you showed us. I cannot wait to see the rest.
    Beautiful. I know it is going to be over the moon pretty.

  2. Such a lovely corner, Rhonda -my studio does not look at all like your beautiful room, I gust have too much of materials, and don`t want to throw away :-(
    Must be a thrill resting there !! Hugs, Dorthe

  3. Lovely! I'm working in that direction too, hopefully I'll make progress as well as you have! What is it about January that gets us fired up and then upon drifting into February we very often drift off the mark? 😊

  4. Can't wait to see the rest. Seeing other studios fascinates me. Everyone's needs are different, so their storage solutions are different. I have so much stuff that I had to resort to something that looks a little warehouse-y. But, I also have a few spots where my personality might show through. Also, I share my space with my wife, so our personalities show a bit of a clash. We use the master bedroom for our studio. There isn't enough room. We should have used the living room!

  5. Rhonda, love the gold script "a little bit French" ... It feels like a French parlor here. As if I am waiting to be fitted for and elegance French dress maker all in couture fashion.
    It's so refine, elegant to say the least and who wouldn't want to spend every bit of their spare time in this room creating, reading or just dreaming.

    Love all your little pretty vignettes, yes it's you all of you.
    As for the table in the corner I love it blonde surface it adds a bit of raw elegance, Grace and beauty to all things French.

    See you soon darling.


  6. Looking lovely already!
    Organizing,yes,it is maddening at the time,but feels oh so good when completed! Here's to keeping on Rhonda!
    Jackie ")
    looking forward to more reveal!

  7. Ohhhhhh..... i can't wait to see the rest. it is such a beautiful creative wonder you find such calm there.

  8. Something I need to do also
    Your studio is something we all would like to be there and touch in person
    You have the touch of photographing your studio to look like a dream

  9. I have been doing the same thing! I got new flooring after taking out the carpet and refurbished some furniture... lots of shelving and hopefully will be done in a couple weeks to perfection... as much as I can!! Your studio will be lovely, I'm sure!


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French