Sunday, March 5, 2017

March Plans

Here's to hoping it all is accomplished....
spring cleaning
fresh & clean
and this room...
it's a constant mess
calling for clean ups after creating
what you see here is just one side 
of my studio
on days when I feel like creating...
I find myself creating kits for others
and that's okay
it's a process
going through your collections and stashes
*letting go feels good*
hopefully you
can grab a treasure or two!


  1. I am always drawn to your blog. It has such serene simplicity and creative bliss. <3

  2. It's soooo nice to know that at this time someone else is downsizing and purging! I've decided a MASSIVE purge is the only thing that will save what little sanity I have left...I've had moments that gave me pause: "what in blazes was I thinking?" LOL Good luck in your continuing effort! Amazing what spring weather makes us do!

  3. I love the brooch above as well as images from your French prayer cards.

    I, too, need to clean the studio. And, I have huge stacks of paper stuffs to go through. Why, oh why, do I let is stack up? Well, it isn't getting done tonight.

  4. Rhonda, I love your to do list~ trying a few of these myself- here's to best of luck to us both! heehee
    Your photos are always so lovely and just seem to put me in a quiet relaxed state- thank you!
    Jackie xx

  5. I am purging and getting ready to move. It feels good to go through things and let go!!!! Love your creative space. Happy New Week.

  6. Dear Rhonda, it always looks so pretty and beautiful in your studio, I can`t imagine big mess ,lol. Love your wonderful photos, too, dear friend !! xoxoxo

  7. What a beautiful studio. Love it
    Have a great day

  8. i hope you'll be able to achieve all your plans this month!
    have a nice day, lovely rhonda! :)

    xoxo, rae

  9. so, so beautiful studio you have...

    Please visit:

  10. Rhonda, how well I know your feeling here... I too have been spring cleaning. Last weekend I started in my home working through the home with a garbage bag and a donation bag, then I put th breaks on and thought I am going to do much like you and begin in my studio garage where pottery takes place and large projects clean up is always a daily must to allow 2 cars to park in there as well.
    It has felt so good to haul away boxes of odds and ends, stored up salvage that my desire to creat with has shifted. Having this studio garage clean and perfect inspires me now to get back to the things in my home. Cupboards, cabinets, closets, drawers, are all being cleaned out, sorted through, filed away.
    Rhonda, I am determined to live simply with what I know to be useful and beautiful.

    It looks like you are on this same path in spring cleaning, and it's a great feeling... I even feel it frees up space and inspiration to create inspiring pieces. When things are all in order and place one can't help to have more time on their hands to inspire new art, taking it to a whole new level.

    Enjoy your home and all the beauty in purging, reducing, and cleaning with everything perfectly perfect. Everything looks beautifully French my friend.




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