Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Some Pretty and Some Real Life

some pretty
Instagram account
Realizing that I've been missing
in blogland
I decided to share some real life
On September 22nd I was admitted to the emergency room
with severe pain lower right abdomen
I was transferred to another hospital
that specialized in ovarian cancer

After major surgery
a longer hospital stay than I could have ever imagined
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Those words took my breath away

There were weeks that I had no idea
what stage cancer I had
I was sitting in my doctor's office
when she gave us the good news
Stage 1A Ovarian Cancer

Only 3 chemo treatments
then, she said, 
I could get on with my life

We both cried, Doug & I
happy tears of joy

Now, chemo is no party, let me tell you
all in all
tomorrow is my last chemo
I am a happy gal indeed

My online shop will re-open up January 1st
What better way to start the new year
cancer free

Never in a million years
would I ever imagine
I would be battling the C word

Always the healthy one, minor this & that

Faith, family & friends
pulled me through this

To all of you that knew,
thank you for your well wishes
and prayers

Love to all

LET's find a cure, can we?


  1. So thankful. Peaceful tidings dear Rhonda.
    Joyeux Noël

  2. Happy to hear from you, blessings to you and Joyeux Noel

  3. OH My how scary, I have been wondering where you were.
    I am so glad you will have only 3 chemo treatments
    As hard as it was I'm so glad you shared this with us
    I will be to see your etsy shop open for business

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I want to tell you that I no longer have an Etsy shop, I created my own online shop. Link is on my sidebar!

  4. I’ve missed you. What a beautiful Christmas present, good health.

    1. How sweet, yes, a great Christmas it will be.

  5. My dear Rhonda , oh I`m so sad to read this, -I have wondered where you was , but never thought it could be this.
    I`m so happy you have had good news, dear friend, that it is only stage 1A.
    I have a friend here , which is going through the same , just now . Rhonda now you and your husband can celebrate a happy Christmas together , knowing that you are well and healthy again. I wish you all the best for this last chemo, and then to get back again, with energy and joy. Sending you big hugs, Rhonda. Thank you for telling , dear. Love from Dorthe

    1. Hello Dorthe, thank you for your kind words. These last few days after Christmas have been so wonderful. I feel like myself again! xxoo Rhonda

  6. I'm so HAPPY you are okay. Best Christmas present EVER!!!!

    Can't wait for your shop to open


    1. Hi Cindy, thank you for stopping by. Yes, I feel so much better and my shop is now open. I hope you had a great Christmas.

  7. God bless and watch over you dear Rhonda.
    So glad to hear you are on the up side of this now.
    Best wishes and glad tidings for you and your family-
    Jackie xo

    1. Hey Jackie, same to you, best wishes and I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Wow, what a shocker. So glad you are having your last treatment and that you are on the mend. Call me someday when you are up to it (same #). Say hi to Doug. Hope you and Doug have a good holiday. - Mar

    1. Hey Marlene, a shocker for sure. I will call you real soon. We need to catch up. xxoo

  9. Oh! my dear friend.
    i had no idea you had cancer, I love you and so hope for the best in your future'
    I have been personally touched with it and it is a terrible blow, I know.
    Anyway i had the news from Australia, from Suzy, so thankful she saw the blog and let me know.
    I know it can be a long road to complete wellness, you are much loved in this community, we are praying for you.
    I do hope you have a great Christmas, I am still here in Hawaii.
    Come visit me and feel the healing air. I have room, truly.
    Much love Lilla

    1. Bonjour Sweet Lilla, I am so happy to hear from you. I am told I am good to enjoy life again. Thank goodness! Feeling like myself now. It was a bumpy road but when you are surrounded by love and support, it becomes tolerable. Sending much love your way xxoo Rhonda

  10. Dear Rhonda I had no idea this was happening to you dear friend! I could only summize by reading Instagram and I am so pleased you shared what has been a terrifying experience for you - even that takes courage - I know having recently been down the cancer road with my darling husband, Jeff. I am sooooo happy for you that your treatment is almost over and that you are healing well enough even to think of opening your beautiful shop in January. Yes don't be the superwoman you thought you should be as no one really knows anyway! Take your time, enjoy your days without stress of any sort! Not sure if you will be returning to work or not next year!!!
    Have a most wonderful Christmas you and Doug with the best present you could ever receive. We too can now relax with the surgery being all over and with my darling doing really really well again. I do know that RELIEF word!
    Sending you lots of love and blessings!
    Suzy xox

    1. Dearest Suzy, so good to hear from you. My treatment is over and I truly feel like myself again. It just takes time. Sending you hugs across the pond. xxoo Rhonda

    2. Yes you have time on your side and may 2018 be much kinder to you than 2017. Just take your time! Sending hugs of healing still! xoxox

  11. What a scary experience, dear Rhonda.I'm just happy that everything is fine now.Take good care of yourself. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Sending love and big hugs,

  12. Happy to hear the good news! God bless you and your family! ♥ Merry Christmas
    Hugs, Jody

    1. Hi Jody, many thanks for your kind words. May God bless you as well.

  13. So glad to hear you have arrived at this stage of the process and are healing well to move on to perfect health. God Bless you during this last phase and I stand in agreement with you for a fresh and exciting 2018!!!

    1. Hello Bernideen, I am so looking forward to a healthier year! Counting my blessings every single day. God Bless you.

  14. A Very Happy New Year indeed,,, Praise the Lord...... I am behind in finding out this shocking news.... but I am so happy for you for the wonderful out come...Gods Blessings for you in the new year, and the re-opening of your beautiful shop.....

    Hugs; Alaura


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