Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Little Bit of Spring uh...Cleaning

You will soon see that
these images
have absolutely nothing
to do with this post
but trust me
images of what I've been up to
are not pretty
for months now 
I've been hoping to destash & organize
our home
donate what I no longer use
you know, clean sweep the house
and last week I accomplished just that
it feels so good
since our winters are like spring days
I knew that the heat was around the corner
better just get it done
if I may say
feeling more simply organized
is the best feeling
I have in the past contacted local antique mall sellers
I've sold a lot of nice vintage home decor
donating and wondering who will squeal, 
yippee, look what I found,
kind of tickles me inside

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. I'm sure I would have liked to have any of yout trow or give a ways items.
    I am looking forward to doing that real soon

  2. I bet you unloaded some of the most enchanting little goodies! I have also done spring cleaning so that I can only be left with those things that tickle my heart.....

  3. I had been paying rent on three...yes units in Phoenix where I previously lived for at least a decade and finally was able to purchase a car that would get me there safely so I could clear them out last month. I had accumulated thrift and on-sale craft items for use in a shop my sister and I planned but never opened, and knew I was going to be forced to donate anything I couldn't bring back in my sedan. A miracle happened. I met a woman my second day, waiting in line to pay for my lunch, who agreed to take everything I couldn't take. She saved me so much labor and so many trips to Goodwill and it has been nice having an image in my mind of the person who is enjoying my bounty.

  4. Dear Rhonda, hurrayh for you, having accomplished all that, I only started in my basement working rooms, and only managed a few shelves yet !! Your pictures are beautiful, with all your amaxing pieces, saved and created.
    I dearly hope you are feeling well, and summer ready, here it is stil cold/warm from day to day.
    Love and hugs, to you . xoxo

  5. Love all your items...the recipients are lucky persons .


I hope you found some inspiration today.
Rhonda of A Little Bit French