Thursday, May 2, 2019

For Your Creative Side

 I did it, I pulled out the sewing machine!
Making art supply wraps
Ready to hold your favorite
art supplies
 I've filled each pocket
with paper & fabric pieces
these can easily hold
paint brushes, scissors, embroidery supplies & more
If you are looking 
an inspiration kit
 this is a good one to start with
 grab your scissors, glue or sewing machine
Let's kick start that creativity!
We have a wood shop that is always
producing salvaged wood pieces.
So, I printed this Saint Ursula image
onto fabric and added it to a shabby white wood scrap!
New in the SHOP
Religious pieces
an antique engraving that I adore

Let's just say I've been busy in the studio.
It feels good to work in here.
I have so much more to photograph
list in my shop.
Keep an eye out for more kits!

Thanks for stopping in!