Thursday, June 20, 2019

Shop Update & A Message

 I search out the best crochet pieces
 creating petite fabric journals
one of a kind journals

Supplies I Love
 Putting together supplies
for my shop
Fresh new listings
for you
to browse through

 Soft vintage pieces with tatting
I hope to visit other blogs today!
So many bloggers are only on Instagram
which makes me sad.
Staring at my phone gives me a headache!
To top it off, Google has made it harder
for others to comment and it feels like no one is here!
I see the visits are in the 100's 
(sometimes thousands)
Let me say, thank you for letting me know
that blogging is still important.


  1. Hi Rhonda! I love the things you this lace! Beautiful work. And I too do not find joy on instagram or staring at my phone. Maybe blogging will make a comeback. Think about all of the things that fall from fashion only to resurface, right? Wishing you peace right where you are.

  2. We are here, but we are now few... sadly Blogging seems to have eclipsed and everyone has moved over to Instagram, so only a few of us remain in The Land of Blog with any regularity. Makes me Sad too!

    1. And even more sad is when a blog is hacked. Just saw a blog that I followed for years, hacked. Good thing we are still around. I get to see Sweet Salvage because of you, Dawn. Xxxx

  3. Darling Rhonda, I know. I lost so many blogger pals for various reasons, but fortunately, we still connect via Instagram and email. Blogging seems to have gone the way of the Dodo and that does make me sad. There were so many opportunities for expression and I have the fondest memories. I'm still here my dear.

    1. You & I will always be in contact! Xxxxx

  4. definitely prefer blogs to instagram and yes, I get a headache also, looking at flashlight sized photos

    1. There's just so much on Instagram, it's hard to get found!

  5. I'm with you blogging takes a hit. I'm on Instagram but refuse to make that my main platform.

    The story is important for blogging besides pretty.


  6. To be honest, I am getting hooked on Instagram more too than in my blog but I haven't really abandoned my blog because I think blogging is still very different than micro-blogging on IG. A blog is still a way for self-expression and I think it's more authentic and not that curated. I curate my feed on instagram but I feel that my blog is more of my platform though.

    xoxo, rae


    1. Hello Rae, thank you for sharing this. I agree, Instagram is easier but blogging was my first platform, hard to leave. Xxx

  7. Hi Rhonda, I am so happy when I see your shop. Tried to make a Wix and could not for the life of me, brain does not work that way.
    I know you have visited me and thanks for that.
    Instagram has moved everyone away from my realm too
    Off to France with Anna in September, will see if I can find anything and let you know. We are doing a workshop in the Chateau Dumas again
    Love from the Islands and me Lilla

    1. Oh Lilla, I know how hard it is to create an online website. Wix took me months to figure out. But I was determined not to pay someone, I am proud of my work.

      Have fun with Anna, I love her! All of her workshops are sold out, you know why!

      Keep in touch beautiful friend.
      Much love.

  8. Another really gorgeous post with magnificent images! I'm still going to hang in there with Blogger as you just can't capture all the beauty in Instagram as you can here with all the wonderful stories behind the images that you can't share on instant instagram.
    Lets hope that Blogger has some sort of revival. We hope and pray!
    Sending love and appreciation to you dear friend!

    1. Thank you sweet Suzy! Yes, I hope blogger has a revival. It's so much a part of us. xx Rhonda


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