Friday, October 26, 2018

Always Something To Do in the Studio

There is always something to do in my studio

and as I pull from my stock 
I find it's getting easier to part with most of it

trust me, this isn't easy to do
when you absolutely love what you do

create what you love
you will always be surrounded by beauty

a stashed away frame 
becomes useful again 

a sweet vintage bowl
collects pieces of soon to be 
supply boxes

a lucky find of 300 yards of vintage lace ribbon
Craft sticks tucked away for another day
French themed rubber stamps
Tattered Angels glimmer mist (in cork)

turned into Thank You gifts for my customers
All is good in the studio
Thanks for stopping in!


  1. So adorable , everything lovely,- Rhonda . Love the little Madonna statuettes .
    Hugs to you <3 xo

  2. Good morning Rhonda! YOU have the best, I mean, THE BEST stashes. Many years ago (before I was teaching), I used to love to fiddle with crafts and sewing, and I had such a wonderful box of notions and goodies. I even held this box with me on the plane when we moved from Boston to Minneapolis, not wanting to risk loosing this precious box during the moving across the country. When we got here and I started school, my little box became neglected and I eventually got rid of the notions. How life changes...

  3. Your creative soul Rhonda always has such great ideas and beautiful items for you to sell. Love all your sweet notions.

  4. Wonderful post! Beautiful and inspiring Rhonda!
    Jackie xo

  5. So beautiful!!😊It takes a strong woman to let go of such beautiful things!! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts,as I have just begun my blogging journey this past few weeks!! Have a beautiful rest of your week...😉

  6. Bonjour Rhonda, get in touch if you can before next Wed. When I fly to my family in Texas
    family medical , and a Thanksgiving with them there. Been a long time
    love it all as usual and want everything French. Still using those words?
    aloha Lilla


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