Friday, November 16, 2018

November Studio Time

I am home from a recent trip to Chicago
to see family
It was cold in Chicago
we had a great time
eating, antiquing, sharing

I am back in the studio
creating away
For some reason, 
I felt that I had to create these ornaments yesterday
-only to find out that I had donated
my mica flakes & glitter-
but a search in my supplies
turned up just enough 
to finish these ornaments

Using vintage French tins
on these one of a kind ornaments

These sweet vintage cross pins
I found while antiquing in Chicago 
I bought a small bag of them for my shop.
I think they would look nice on a fabric book!

I will be sending one to my Aunt,
who lost her home in the Camp Fire in California.
We as a family are gathering family photos for her.
She lost everything. 
Where do you begin when this happens?
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Everything is just so beautiful! I hope your Aunt is safe. Praying for everyone that has been effected by this horrible fire.
    Karen B.

  2. Oh your poor aunt, and all those involved with these horrific fires. All of your beautiful creations, remind me so much of my childhood. Thanks for sharing Prayers to one and all.

  3. Your Christmas ornaments are pure delight Rhonda and fun to create. Love of your medals and French cards. All soooo beautiful.
    So terribly sad for your aunt. I know this as several of our friends have lost their homes in the same way here in Australia.
    It's hard to comprehend the extent of these horrific fires over in your country! Heartbreaking!
    The gift of giving to help them back on their feet is the best we can do especially when it costs us nothing.
    xox Suzy

  4. Good morning dearest Rhonda! I'm glad you had a lovely trip to Chicago; it's cold out there, isn't it! Here in Minneapolis, we've had a pretty cold November so far, but just a dusting of snow. I can't believe the holidays are near, but gorgeous ornaments like yours are starting to make the holiday fun of decorating a reality! Your work is admirable, so full of SOUL. These are amazing!

  5. Those fires are horrible and I pray for all of those that are being so devastated right now. I always love your pretty ornaments and think of you when I hang the few I have from years past you made. They are so beautiful. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  6. Sweetest Rhonda,bonjour!!!! Thank you kindly for coming to visit my post. It's been a while since I've posted but it sure is nice to get back in again and visit and be visited by old friends. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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